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IT security for infrastructures, data and digital identities.
Balancing passenger comfort with increasingly complex security requirements is a challenge. As Germany's leading IT security service provider for infrastructures, data and digital identities, our experts advise you on the efficient design of the entire border control process and provide you with adequate IT solutions that go straight along with it. That´s how we ensure that a high level of security and smart passenger processes finally go hand in hand.

Experience-based consulting expertise
Setting the direction right from the start 

We are experts in border control and familiar with the specific requirements down to the last detail. This also applies to the Entry/Exit System (EES) and its effects at air borders and new requirements at land and sea borders. With 25 years of project experience, we are masters at meshing processes and technologies across the world. In the areas of biometrics, electronic identity documents and border control, we make full use of this experience offering excellent, well-founded consulting services: With dedicated teams and contacts, we work with you to find the most suitable solution for every challenge - from initial status review to developing a good process design and, ultimately, to a successful implementation. And if you like, we also deliver proven technologies on top.


Our product portfolio for border control

With secunet border gears, we provide a complete product portfolio for implementing sustainable, EES-compliant border control strategies: All components can be integrated individually or together into existing infrastructures. border gears stands for maximum security, for convenient, intuitive passenger processes and for technologies that are already "EES-ready" today and simplify border control for all parties involved.

All benefits of border gears at a glance


secunet border gears provides highly secure, modular and future-proof border control systems.In terms of travel experience, design and security level, our portfolio meets or even exceeds the usual expectations.

Continuous improvement

Our solutions are guaranteed to be continuously developed. All components are of reliably high quality "Made in Germany".

Cost reduction

With border gears, you are guaranteed to reduce your total cost of ownership. Not only do we offer the best price-performance ratio: All components are solidly constructed and designed for long-lasting, low-maintenance operation.


border gears is consistently standard-compliant and thus flexible in use, compatible with other technologies and systems, and optimally prepared for all future requirements.

1,800 border checkpoints in 26 states
The Schengen area comprises 22 of the 27 EU member states plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Together, these states have more than 1,800 checkpoints at land, air and sea borders. They must implement the requirements of the Entry/Exit system for all border checkpoints at the EU's external border.

The EU Entry/Exit System: the new biometric border control starting in 2024.

The aim of the EU's Smart Borders Initiative is to increase security at the EU's external borders and make border control processes even more efficient. To this end, new pan-European border control systems will be introduced from 2024: The Entry/Exit System - EES for short - will centrally record and store the entry and exit of non-EU citizens. At the same time, the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) will check travelers from third countries before they enter Europe. In this regard, we advise customers on the need to adapt their border control processes and systems according to these new legal requirements and technical demands. This is one of many of secunet's contributions to secure, efficient and pioneering border control at air, land and sea borders.


The EU Entry/Exit System: Europes external borders become biometric

You can find more info about this on our EES microsite
secunet border gears
For the highest level of security. For convenient, intuitive passenger processes. For the implementation of sustainable, EES-compliant border control strategies.

We will be happy to advise you on the following topics :

We provide sound advice on suitable solutions for your modern, automated and mobilized ID management. Our automated border control systems secunet easygate and secunet easykiosk reliably verify and identify travelers. They noticeably reduce the workload of border control officers and, if necessary, create additional capacity to compensate for lacking control personnel. Our secunet eID PKI Suite guarantees the greatest possible and most comprehensive identity protection.

"With EasyPASS, Germany has one of the most advanced automated border control systems. The use of state-of-the-art sensor technology has significantly increased the security level of the eGates and the speed of the process. [...]"

Former Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior

To ensure that your systems meet modern security requirements while providing your staff with the best possible support at their workplace, we will be happy to inform and advise you. Together, we will find comprehensive, flexible solutions for your stationary border control as well. 

We have already developed two key components to improve the process at the stationary border control counter:  While the middleware secunet biomiddle connects all biometric system components and ID card readers in the background, the border control application secunet bocoa brings together what belongs together: it communicates with the eGates, kiosks and also with all desired background systems and police databases at lightning speed and with premium security. On the screens, secunet bocoa then delivers all important check data from document verification and personal identification at a glance. In this way, border officials can quickly wave through 95% of the travelers and concentrate on the special cases in peace. They achieve maximum efficiency at the first line of control. 

And both solutions are also available for mobile deployment scenarios.

Zurich Cantonal Police
"The modern system interface is convincing and motivates the border control staff at Zurich Airport."

Head of Project Greko NG in the Zurich Cantonal Police, Airport Staff Branch

Projects and references
Here you can find a selection of our project highlights.

The data stored on the chip in electronic identity documents must be protected against manipulation and forgery. Additionally, the use of adequate security mechanisms must ensure that only those persons who are verifiably authorized to do so have access to the data. The backbone of the security framework for electronic identity documents is formed by two comprehensive public key infrastructures (PKIs): While the ICAO PKI ensures the authenticity and integrity of the documents, a second PKI, the EAC PKI, is required for extended access protection.

And this is exactly what we have developed the secunet eID PKI Suite for: It comprises software modules for use in the ICAO PKI field as well as components that fulfill the requirements of the EAC PKI.  Taken together, they form a high-performance overall system. They can just as easily be integrated individually into an existing system architecture. So with the eID PKI Suite, you get a proven standard solution that is nevertheless tailored precisely to your needs.

German Federal Police
"We have been successfully operating our central PKI system since 2011. Following a smooth, simple implementation, the entire system has proved itself to be incredibly efficient and reliable on a daily basis. For mission-critical applications such as a border control PKI we could not afford any system failures."

EasyPASS Project Manager, Department 54, German Federal Police

secunet offers a broad portfolio of solutions for the aviation industry, ranging from traditional IT security, to the automation and optimization of passenger and airport processes, to highly specialized consulting with a focus on biometrics, artificial intelligence and protection through public key infrastructures.

By automation, we mean speeding up and optimizing border control processes at all key airport points. For example, new regulations for travelers from third countries will apply from 2024 with the European Entry/Exit System (EES): At all external borders in the Schengen area, they will then have to register with four fingerprints and a biometric facial image - a considerable additional effort for border police officers on the ground, which will inevitably lead to significantly longer queues at the counters.

To counteract this, we provide with secunet border gears a complete product portfolio for you. The time required for the control process remains almost identical thanks to the use of automated systems, despite biometric data capture and more extensive controls, so that airports can keep making entry to Europe convenient for all passengers. And you are guaranteed not to have to rebuild for this purpose. The technologies are flexible and space-saving and adapt to your airport infrastructure, not the other way around. Automating border control means optimal passenger flows and therefore happy travelers.

At this point, we focus not only on automated solutions, but also on stationary and mobile solutions. For example, the secunet easytower can be used for high-quality capture of face and fingerprints in various scenarios. In a mobile context, fast, comprehensive and reliable personal identification can be implemented on a smartphone thanks to secunet biomiddle. In the aviation environment, the mobile pre-enrollment of passport data using an app can also relieve the complex processes at airports.

For identity and visa verification at airports, we believe the secunet eID PKI Suite is a real asset: 

Our PKI embeds modern identity documents in a high-security infrastructure. It is the best protection against manipulation and unauthorized access and enables border control to use the full potential of electronic identity documents. We are experts in flexible and future-proof solutions for the entire lifecycle of electronic identities, from enrollment and verification to the protection of sensitive biometric data through public key infrastructures. 

We combine this expertise with excellent industry knowledge. In the future, digital travel credentials (DTC) will play an important role in aviation processes.They allow the secure forwarding of passenger data even before the start of the journey.  This is just one example of the topics we are already addressing today.

In our view, the processing of digital identities in compliance with data protection regulations also plays an important role in the aviation environment. Among other things, airports are concerned with the high-quality capture and processing of biometric data. We have been conducting research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for some time now and can already make concrete proposals on this future topic.

With over 1.000 experts
secunet specializes in areas with special security requirements, such as biometrics and border control. When it comes to the aviation industry, we are multifaceted: our range of services in the airport environment includes high-performance yet low-maintenance products, customer-specific developments and highly specialized consulting. We ensure resilient digital infrastructures and the greatest possible protection of data, applications and digital identities in an increasingly networked world. What can we do for you?
All about pilot projects, new projects and product updates.
Projects and references
Here you can find a selection of our project highlights.
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