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IT security for modern administration
Modern administration is increasingly working digitally. This requires efficient and secure solutions to meet the requirements of a public authority. We are familiar with the high demands placed on IT infrastructures and IT security and support the federal, state and local governments on their way to a comprehensive digital and securely networked administration.

Successful digitization in the day-to-day work of public authorities

For the federal, state and local governments, digitization represents an opportunity, but it also poses many challenges. IT networks must be powerful and secured against cyberattacks. Administrations work with sensitive data, for example from citizens, which requires special protection, and legal requirements and regulations must be implemented. For successful digitization, the entire IT infrastructure should be considered, from access to the citizen portal to data exchange between government employees.

Efficient solutions for modern administration


Our proven SINA architecture for the protection of classified information


A secure environment for processing your sensitive e-files

Digital identities

From access to citizen portals to employee access permissions


With our ISMS and IT baseline protection consulting you are always safe with your security concepts

Government agencies work with classified information and other sensitive data. Our SINA architecture has proven its worth in protecting this data: With the secure SINA laptops, employees access the administrative network in a familiar but secure environment and can, for example, run specialist applications - whether on site, at home or on the road. Their IT infrastructures and data exchange are secured by SINA encryption boxes. Admin tools enable central and flexible management of IT operations. 

Making secure phone calls is possible with the secunet Session Border Controller (SBC). Voice over IP telephony has been replacing ISDN telephony since 2020. Internet-based telephony offers many advantages, but also involves new risks. The SBC therefore guards the network entrance and prevents unwanted data transmission.

Administrative files are increasingly being processed digitally. However, access protection in ordinary e-file systems is not sufficient to manage sensitive or even classified e-files.  Our BSI-certified and approved hardware and software solution SINA Workflow meets the requirements of the Classified Information Directive (VSA) and allows the processing of classified information from VS-NfD to SECRET. Via an interface, e-files can be imported from your usual e-file system into the secure SINA Workflow environment and processed further there as soon as they require special access protection.

The Online Access Act (OZG) obliges the federal, state and local governments to also offer administrative services digitally via administrative portals by the end of 2022. A key question here is how to implement secure access to government services for citizens, whose digital identity must be verified for authenticity. To ensure that users of government services are who they say they are, we offer secunet protect4use as a secure and flexible authentication solution. Users can log into the administration portal using their smartphone as a security token, for example, regardless of the platform.

However, secure and efficient identity and access management is not just about citizen portals. Access authorizations for government employees should also be controlled to prevent data misuse and to help ensure compliance with legal regulations. Since digital identities and their authorizations are often processed at different points in the administration, single sign-on solutions also make everyday work easier. Once securely logged into the workplace, users are automatically authenticated for their various applications. We consult you on the management and control of user rights in your authority and support you in setting up a single sign-on with our many years of practical experience.

The establishment of an information security management system (ISMS) has proven its worth in ensuring effective information security in a public authority. Information security measures should not only be initiated and implemented, but also monitored and continuously improved. We support you, for instance, in setting up an ISMS according to IT baseline protection, which was developed as a flexible modular system by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). If required, we can also assist you with ISMS certification and offer training courses to raise employee awareness.

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