Cloud Solutions

Our sovereign cloud solutions.

As private as required, as public as possible.
We design sovereign cloud solutions: on-premise, public or combined as a flexible hybrid cloud. For the cloud-native transition of public authorities and companies, we have combined the cloud computing standard OpenStack with the high-security technologies of SINA.

Cloud from A to Z

As a full-service provider for cloud solutions, we relocate IT infrastructures securely and flexibly into the cloud. With our public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud as well as on-premise offerings, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your needs. 100% Made in Germany.

As a transition partner, we accompany you on your way into the cloud and support you in the implementation of your projects.

As a security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany, we implement solutions that offer the highest data protection and custom-fit security - from GDPR to classified information level SECRET.




The sovereign heart of the cloud:
Open source - but secure

secunet Cloud is based on the comprehensively hardened open source IaaS project OpenStack. Our standards-compliant cloud stack enables simple and secure provisioning of resources via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Transparently integrated cryptographic mechanisms make data transfer, storage and processing as well as the networking of resources in an OpenStack environment consistently secure.

To protect against external attacks and threats, we use cryptographic separation between clients at the infrastructure level, end-to-end encryption (E2EE), secure digital identities and comprehensive lifecycle management.

We leverage design principles and security features of the already approved SINA technology. The SINA Cloud, as part of secunet's cloud offering, is the first cloud infrastructure for processing classified information that is undergoing an evaluation process by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Cloud Variants

Public Cloud

IT infrastructure and services that are accessible via the Internet and can be used by multiple organizations.

Private Cloud

An exclusive cloud infrastructure available only to one organization, featuring enhanced security and control over data.

Hybrid Cloud

Public + private cloud combined, offers flexibility and cost savings. Sensitive data securely into the private cloud, non-sensitive workloads use public cloud services.

Multi Cloud

Public + private cloud combined, offers flexibility and cost savings. Sensitive data securely into the private cloud, non-sensitive workloads use public cloud services.

Digital transition into the cloud-native application landscape

Digital transition requires a shift to a cloud-native application landscape, including in government and enterprises with high security requirements. The benefits of the cloud, such as flexibility, cost and performance, are becoming increasingly important. However, the shift also requires changes in processes and competencies, both for organizations and software providers.

Instead of monolithic applications, so-called cloud-native applications are built on a microservices architecture. Here, independent, small services are developed and combined via APIs to form an overall application, which enables flexibility and accelerated development and updating (DevOps and Continuous Delivery). Container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes are used. secunet offers consulting, best practices, templates and workshops for the individual and needs-based move into the cloud.




Multi-cloud ecosystem for digitally sovereign governance

The German administrative sector has opted for a multi-cloud strategy and enterprises can also benefit from a distributed infrastructure and application landscape on multiple/distributed cloud platforms.

By scaling IT resources such as VMs and storage according to demand, cost-optimized use can be ensured. With secunet Cloud, workloads can be rolled out on different infrastructures such as at secunet, amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, offering full freedom of choice. Our Kubernetes offering for an optimal cloud architecture ranges from Kubernetes as-a-Service to Managed Kubernetes (including pre-built Building Blocks and CD-CI pipeline) to full 24/7/365 Kubernetes operation at secunet.

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