The independent middleware for biometrics and eIDs

secunet biomiddle is the standard-oriented solution for all conceivable biometrics and eID applications and our approach to using biometric system components and document readers in a modular way and allow their easy replacement at any time. With biomiddle, we make the processes involved in eID enrolment, in police work and at border controls smooth, sustainable and clear.

The benefits of biomiddle at a glance


Thanks to its modular and scalable architecture, biomiddle meets a wide range of requirements - from local pilots to national solutions.


secunet biomiddle communicates with client applications via a service-oriented interface. Therefore, the software is independent of system platforms and programming languages.

Quickly implemented

Thanks to its consistent standard orientation, biomiddle is easily and quickly integrated into existing infrastructures. In many public enrolment and border control projects, biomiddle is already the hub and heart of large IT infrastructures.


By using internationally standardized interfaces, biomiddle ensures the easy exchange of individual components in the highly dynamic market of biometric technologies.


secunet biomiddle is also available for mobile biometrics and eID applications. We serve all common systems, including Android and iOS.

Joint development with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
secunet biomiddle is internationally considered as the reference implementation and preferred architecture for using biometrics in the field of electronic ID documents.
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A sustainable strategy for enhanced security at Europe’s external borders

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Flexible platform for biometrics and eID applications

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biomiddle is just one component of the comprehensive secunet border gears portfolio.

biomiddle in the EU Entry/Exit System

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