Registers Iceland

For highly secure eIDs and future-proof border control: Iceland plays it safe with the proven Public Key Infrastructure

In Iceland, the eID PKI Suite is now being used as a security infrastructure for checking and issuing electronic passports. Under contract with Registers Iceland, secunet supplied a comprehensive turn-key PKI solution: The implementation included all software components to protect biometric data and to regulate access rights (EAC-PKI) as well as the components to ensure integrity and authenticity of travel documents (ICAO-PKI). secunet also conducted the training of administrators and operators and is furthermore responsible for providing system support over several years and, if necessary, to assist the customer with administration and maintenance tasks on site.

Iceland has thus completely renewed the infrastructure for checking and issuing electronic travel documents in order to provide highly secure electronic identity documents. In doing so, Registers Iceland must ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of Icelandic citizens’ personal data. Consequently, there are special security requirements for software, which secunet eID PKI Suite demonstrably meets through evaluation of its CA kernel according to CC EAL 4+. On the application side, the eGates previously installed by secunet, have  been connected to the new Public Key Infrastructure allowing for a comprehensive yet fast document check within the scope of automated border control (ABC).

In summary, secunet eID PKI Suite offers Registers Iceland these advantages:

  • A future-proof, user-friendly system that can be configured to a large extent, thus reducing administrative effort during operation
  • Standards compliance and flexibility of the entire system, which enables a simple implementation of future legal and technological requirements
  • Proven high level of security through Common Criteria EAL 4+ security evaluation of the CA kernel