If you’re not yet ready for EES 2024, easykiosk is.

As of new EES regulations, Third Country passengers will have to register with four fingerprints and a biometric photo whenever they enter the Schengen area – actions that are highly time-consuming for stationary border police. easykiosk offers additional control capacity that acquires biometric data before the counter. Thus, it saves valuable time for police officers, who can instead focus on tasks that truly require human intelligence: to assess passenger data and decide on individual entry permission.

The perfect complement for stationary border police

Optimised passenger flow

As an automated system, easykiosk not only collects but processes and forwards relevant personal data. Once a passenger arrives at the counter, border police will already be provided with their details including biometrics and background systems checks – allowing them to pass through much faster.

High-quality data capturing

Thanks to its user-friendly design including multiple language support, our kiosk makes it easy for passengers to manage their registration themselves. Inbuilt mechanisms guarantee the consistent quality of acquired data such as fingerprints or biometric images.

Extreme flexibility

easykiosk is a simple and space-saving solution to compensate for lacking control capacities. Border force at land, sea, and airports can flexibly integrate the system into their existing infrastructure – and adapt its number according to their local passenger volume.

easykiosk in the EU Entry/Exit System

You can find more info about this on our EES microsite.

easykiosk stands for 

  • Optimised kiosk workflows for high-quality and EES-compliant biometrics acquisition
  • Shorter waiting times and comfortable entry and exit from the passengers' point of view
  • Highest level of security through advanced presentation attack (PAD) and spoofing detection as well as surveillance features
  • Optimum intuitive user guidance and process design
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