Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Deutsche Lufthansa checks travel documents at international hotspots with mobile verification system from secunet

secunet has developed an automated, mobile inspection system for travel documents for Deutsche Lufthansa. The system supports trained Lufthansa employees in the optical security inspection of travel documents before check-in. The essential security properties of the documents are checked in UV, infrared and visible light, as well as their validity and familiarity in the reference database. Counterfeit travel documents of passengers with destination or stopover in Germany can thus already be identified abroad and a possible illegal transport can be prevented at an early stage. Until landing, the document data is archived for a short time in order to establish a clear assignment of travel documents to a passenger upon landing - and thus prevent unauthorized entry into Germany. The data is then irrevocably deleted.

All hardware - a document reader and a laptop - is housed in a robust case and is controlled via inspection software developed by secunet with a stored document database. The mobile system can be operated intuitively by Lufthansa employees and is therefore absolutely variable in use. At present, the system is used alternately at foreign airports with a high potential for abuse, so-called "hotspots". The integrated middleware secunet biomiddle provides additional flexibility: other readers could easily be added if necessary, and future technologies can also be integrated at a later date.