SMIT / ABC gates

Latest generation ABC gates for Tallinn airport and Narva land border

secunet delivered 16 complete ABC gates for Tallin Aiport and Narva land border. They ensure faster border control by automating the process and noticeably relieve the two busiest border crossing points in Estonia.

High-Speed border control at the busiest border crossing points in Estonia.

This project features the newest generation of the secunet easygate:
Due to floor space limitations a one-door ABC gate (without mantrap) with a one-step process was installed. While the passenger is positioned in front of the easygate and places the travel document onto the document reader for document authentication, the camera unit - easyface panel - integrated in the easygate door triggers the biometric checks at the same time. Thanks to the flexibility in terms of hardware design, secunet realised this version on the basis of the newest easygate generation. Aside from the ABC gates, secunet also delivered the monitoring application for the border control personnel.

SMIT further relies on secunet´s PKI solution: In an earlier project, the eID PKI Suite was installed in Estonia and the customer has already been using it for certificate management within eMRTD issuance and border control. This PKI infrastructure is now also used by the easygates when verifying travel documents during automated border control making it much more reliable and secure.