Armed Forces, Agencies & Space Organizations

Uncompromising protection for security critical information
Digitization has been influencing armed forces for quite some time already and is now one of the driving forces behind ensuring their ability to act in all areas in the long term. This requires efficient and proven solutions that guarantee the availability, integrity and confidentiality of classified data up to SECRET.

State sovereignty can no longer be defined exclusively in terms of physical control of the national territory; nowadays, threats from cyber and information space must also be identified and combated.

Space, in both military and civilian contexts, has also become very important in recent years. The everyday use of space-based technologies has become a matter of course – navigation or telecommunications are only the best-known examples. For the military, satellite-based technologies are a cornerstone of successful, modern operations, and a failure of these components would significantly jeopardize the safe and successful execution of a mission.

As a critical infrastructure, not only cyber and information space, but also space is of great importance for the future viability of our society. secunet's Public Sector understands this particularly high demand on IT infrastructures and IT security, and supports armed forces, government agencies and the classified industry in their digital transformation.

We offer solutions for

  • Protection against cyber attacks on IT infrastructures as well as internal and external communications of public authorities, armed forces and the industry
  • Secure mobile and stationary workstations for government employees and members of the armed forces
  • Secure, confidential, non-manipulable work with classified information up to SECRET level
  • Security technologies from the areas of network monitoring (cyber defense), digital identities and biometric security solutions
Secure remote work for armed forces with SINA Workstation S

SINA was developed as a holistic security system that protects whole digital infrastructures. At its core, perfectly coordinated network components and clients ensure effective encryption and separation of differently classified data - locally and when transferred over open networks.

SINA is used worldwide by governments, for critical infrastructures and in industry and, with over 170,000 systems already installed, is the leading security architecture in the Federal Republic of Germany.

SINA Workflow provides a secure digital system for handling classified Information (CI) documents and facilitate collaboration within and between authorities. It offers the ability to create, classify, register, edit, manage, process, decide, proof, protect and distribute securely compliant with CI policy regulations. Integrated into SINA infrastructure components, the user can work in accordance with regulations in a highly secure environment.

This speeds up the handling of CI and makes use more efficient. In addition, users and responsible registration control officers are provided with noticeable relief thanks to the transparent administration functionality.

SecuStack is a trustworthy, secure and auditable cloud operating system based on OpenStack. It enables a secure entry into cloud computing through the simple and trustworthy provision of resources for the operation of cloud applications and, in addition to the necessary transparency, also offers independence from proprietary solutions from non-European providers.

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