Digitally bundling information for a quick ID check

High passenger volumes mean that queues at border controls around the world are getting longer and longer. We therefore asked ourselves how we could make the inspection process for border police clearer and faster. Our approach to solving this problem is called secunet bocoa: With this border control application, we clearly summarize all results of the optical and electronic document check on a single screen.

All benefits of bocoa at a glance


With bocoa, all necessary data during document control can be displayed on one screen. If an identity document is faulty or deviates, the application flags this in the colors of the traffic light system.

Full coverage

secunet bocoa supports all modern inspection systems and devices for capturing biometric data. The application provides officials with all the relevant data they need for an inspection.


Due to its time-saving, intuitive handling and the bundling of different devices and (background) systems, bocoa increases the efficiency of control processes.


secunet bocoa is available for both stationary and mobile document inspection and traveller identification.


bocoa complies with all the relevant standards and guidelines such as BSI TR-03135. In addition, the entire secunet border control product portfolio is optimally prepared for the requirements of future border control processes such as the Entry/Exit System (EES).

Easy to use

For mobile checks, the border control officer only needs what he probably has in his pocket anyway: a standard smartphone. Without further special technical equipment, which can quickly become heavy and expensive.

"The modern design of the system interface with its logical, process-oriented approach to user control is an impressive and motivating tool for the employees of the Zurich Airport Border Control."

Head of Project Greko NG in the Zurich Cantonal Police, Airport Staff Branch

Fields of application and other interesting information

secunet bocoa is the perfect complement to secunet biomiddle middleware to cover all application areas of document verification and identification of persons at the border and in police work. It provides all relevant data that officers need for a check - at a glance and from a variety of systems, including police background systems. Using bocoa reduces valuable time, allowing police officers at borders and "in the field" to concentrate fully on the person.

  • Capturing, evaluation and verification of fingerprints for biometric verification of visas, electronic passports and national IDs
  • Optical and electronic document checks
  • Checks of visas and residence permits
  • Background check queries for various databases (SIS, VIS, Interpol, national databases)
  • Capturing of fingerprints for biometric verification of visas, electronic passports and national IDs
  • Consistency checks: visual vs. electronic, passport data vs. visa data vs. VIS etc.
  • Preparation of detailed reports for border control statistics
  • Enrolment and verification in Entry/Exit Systems (e. g. EU EES) 

The functional scope of bocoa adapts to the customer's needs. For example, we can customize the connection to search systems, user authentication or logging quickly and cost-effectively.

On all standard computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS). You do not need any additional hardware.

secunet bocoa facilitates the process in a whole range of inspection scenarios - such as stationary and mobile identification. The software supports all modern inspection systems and devices for capturing biometric data.

bocoa in the EU Entry/Exit System

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Border control application for stationary and mobile use

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