SINA Communicator H

Everything else is just a phone.

Government agencies and armed forces need a contemporary solution for tap-proof voice communication to replace ISDN devices – the SINA Communicator H. With its classification levels from open to SECRET and a wide range of add-ons such as messaging or video calls, it offers far more than just telephony and combines maximum security with the habits of the modern working world.

As versatile as a smartphone, only with SECRET approval

More than just a phone

In addition to pure voice communication, SINA Communicator H can be expanded to include numerous additional functions, including thin-client use, group chats, fax, video telephony and web clients - make sure to check for regular updates.


SINA Communicator H impresses with multi-level data separation and interoperability: users can now communicate in different security domains or with alliance partners without having to change devices.

Intuitive touch display

Use the 10'' touch display to navigate the Communicator's many functions. Jump between security levels, start a group chat or send SECRET documents - all that in one device.

Easy migration

In addition to the previous SINA Workstations, you can now integrate downward-compatible communication with VoIP workstation with SINA Communicator H. This facilitates the migration of existing SECRET communication devices with the usual SINA quality.


The SINA Communicator H was awarded the prestigious IF Design Award in 2022 for its outstanding design and user-friendly usability.

Future proof

The SINA Communicator H is part of the SINA H portfolio, which is the world‘s only security solution approved up to German national SECRET (GEHEIM) fortified with post-quantum cryptography.

The Multi-Crypto Phone for Today's Challenges and Future Applications

The SINA Communicator H is designed as a modern terminal for voice and data communication for office use and approved up to the German GEHEIM (SECRET) classification level. The SINA Communicator H can be operated both within government networks and directly on the Internet. It uses proven standards for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and can therefore use existing, commercially procured, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-capable switching infrastructures. In addition, NATO protocols such as the Secure Communication Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) are implemented to enable secure communication with Allies.

In addition to the central functions for secret voice communication in the form of direct conversations or conference calls, many other functions can be integrated easily and cost-effectively due to the architecture of the system. Because of the multi-level capability, these functions can also be used in different security classifications, such as German national SECRET (GEHEIM) or RESTRICTED (VS-NfD).  

The innovative architecture of the device allows the integrated 10.1" touch screen to be dynamically divided into different security domains and applications. This means that, in addition to voice communication, the user's own applications can be integrated into a holistic usage concept. The SINA Communicator H can be used in combination with appropriately tampered peripherals (monitor, keyboard and mouse), but also via touch display as a full terminal workstation up to German national SECRET (GEHEIM). In future expansion stages, secure notification or text communication options, the integration and video telephony are planned. Other common tools, such as web clients, operational fax support, file and document exchange, multi-party messaging, etc. can be added.

IT security powered by SINA

SINA was developed as a holistic security system that protects entire digital infrastructures. At its core, perfectly matched network components and clients ensure effective encryption and separation of differently classified data - locally and when transferred over the internet.

SINA is used worldwide by governments, critical infrastructures and in industry and is the leading security architecture in the Federal Republic of Germany with over 170,000 installed systems.

With its holistic and modular approach, SINA is an integrated solution for a wide range of requirements in handling classified information and other sensitive data for public authorities and companies. The security philosophy implemented in SINA products includes secure system platforms, multi-level integrated, interlocking IT security modules and strictly separated applications, even with different classifications - built into one device in conformity with VS approval. SINA thus guarantees confidentiality in processing and communication in all national and major international VS classification levels as well as for a wide range of application scenarios.

SINA Management centrally manages and configures all users and components of the SINA product portfolio. The networks to be protected are set up, configured and administered in a structured manner. With its graphical user interface, SINA Management enables easy configuration of security relationships and access authorizations between SINA components and networks.

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