The development of the secure inter-network architecture SINA

The Federal Government's move from Bonn to Berlin and the increased requirements for modern but at the same time secure office communication marked the birth of SINA. In 1999, the BSI launched a project to secure IP-based networks using cryptographic security mechanisms.

Classified information that was previously stored in safes and only transported by couriers under the utmost secrecy was now to be transmitted via the Internet in a contemporary manner and also stored on desktops and notebooks. The special challenge was to secure basically insecure PC systems and networks in such a way that

  • maximum security is guaranteed
  • the costs for the conversion remain low and
  • a practicable use for the user is possible.

After the first promising prototypes, the BSI issued a call for tenders to find an industrial partner who could take over the (further) development and production. This tender was won by secunet. Since then, there has been close cooperation between secunet and the BSI in the design, development and evaluation of new SINA components. Our partners innotek, Rohde & Schwarz SIT, Siemens and SIE also contribute to the success of the SINA products.