Farewell ISDN. Hello All-IP.

Secure telephony in VoIP networks
ISDN is a thing of the past; today's phone calls are Internet-based. The secunet Session Border Controller protects against the security risks of Voice over IP (VoIP). The network component ensures secure VoIP telephony in companies and public authorities.

The advantages of the Session Border Controller


The secunet Session Border Controller is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the highest attack strength CC EAL 4+.


The high level of security is achieved through the combination of firewall and session border controller. Network separation takes place from the physical to the application level.


The phone system manufacturer Mitel certifies the excellent integration capability. secunet SBC receives the Mitel compatible seal and secunet is a Mitel Developer Partner.


Easy SBC administration with convenient web interface.


Great flexibility in deployment with rules-based configuration throughout, thus vertical scalability through great performance.

Germany is switching off ISDN telephony and migrating completely to voice-over-IP telephony (VoIP telephony). This creates new attack vectors to penetrate the internal network unnoticed. The secunet Session Border Controller solves this problem by filtering audio and video protocols such as SIP or RTP.

secunet SBC reliably guards the network entrance and can be transparently implemented in any existing IT infrastructure. The SBC operates in an isolated container on our high-performance secunet wall firewall, which acts as a secure platform. This architecture enables complete protection and filtering of data streams at the network, transport, voice and application levels.


Secure connection in times of crisis

As for many people, companies and public authorities, the year 2020 has been especially challenging for the German Ministry of Health (BMG). In spring, the BMG found itself in the centre of the Corona crisis, and confidential internal and external coordination became more important than ever before. Within a very short time, the BMG developed a security concept for a user-friendly video telephony solution and built it in collaboration with secunet and other partners and service providers.
with the use of secunet SBC
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Farewell ISDN. Hello All-IP.

Secure telephony in VoIP networks.

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Secure VoIP Telephony

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