SINA Workstation S

The all-in-one solution for a secure workplace on the road and in a home office

Modern working in the office and from home? The SINA Workstation makes this possible despite the highest IT security requirements. The all-in-one solution enables secure processing, even of classified information or other sensitive data, regardless of location.

The advantages of the SINA Workstation S at a glance

High performance

The workstation combines several computers in one device and enables multisession operation in a familiar working environment for users.


The 2-factor authentication, hard disk encryption, IP-sec VPN and interface controls make the workstation highly secure.


Central control simplifies the control of access rights. Rollout and remote administration of the workstation can be integrated into existing administration processes.


The workstation can be used in small departments as well as in large organizations.

No restrictions

With the Workstation S, users can work from their laptop or tablet in their familiar operating system, use applications such as Office programs or video conferences without restriction anywhere and have access to their documents in the company network.

The user-friendly all-in-one solution for a VSA-compliant workplace
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What makes a secure workplace? The requirements profiles of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) provide information on how to work securely with classified information or other sensitive data. This requires a holistic security concept that the SINA Workstation fully implements in a BSI-compliant manner. This means that authorities and companies do not have to assemble the components for a secure workstation and VS-compliant operation themselves, nor do they have to have the configuration approved by the BSI. Even companies without VS-NfD requirements benefit from this holistic approach, in which everything from the client to the infrastructure is coordinated: because this maximizes not only security, but also convenience.

A VPN client is considered an indispensable subcomponent of a secure mobile workplace. SINA uses advanced encryption technology to create a secure environment for transmitting sensitive information and classified information over potentially insecure networks such as the Internet. Using an IP-sec secured VPN tunnel, employees can access their company or administrative network with the SINA Workstation while on the move. The data transmission is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

All hard disk accesses and network connections are automatically encrypted by the workstation and thus cannot be read by unauthorized persons. This allows you to ensure data security without having to securely lock away the computer after each use.

Access to devices and interfaces is carried out under the control of the SINA security operating system. It has been proven that USB sticks, for example, are a popular gateway for malware. The workstation's interface control regulates the release. This means that, depending on the security policy you have chosen, users must first consciously and deliberately release USB devices before they can be used at all in a working environment such as Windows. In the case of a strict policy, SINA interface control prevents the connection of USB devices altogether.

Two-factor authentication is required to ensure that only authorized users can log on to the computer. The SINA Workstation can only be unlocked if a security token - in the form of a smartcard or USB token - and the corresponding PIN are inserted.

Your devices, including all security components, can be remotely maintained and administered centrally via the SINA Management Center. If all employees have to be sent to the home office and need mobile hardware quickly, the administration tools are also designed for a mass rollout, regardless of location, large numbers of SINA workstations can be set up simultaneously. In the event of a security incident, you can take the entire IT or individual devices offline. The workstation also offers great advantages in "disaster recovery": If the entire IT is to be restarted after a security incident, it may take several weeks until each device is checked and allowed to access your company network again. With the SINA Workstation, this process can be automated remotely, drastically reducing the recovery time.

SINA technology is unique: the user's operating system (such as Windows or Linux) is virtualized and embedded in the SINA security operating system. This means that the working environment is strictly separated from the firmware and hardware - so potential malware cannot spread through it. But the virtualization technology creates even more new possibilities in everyday work: several (different) operating systems with different security levels can be used in parallel on a SINA workstation. For example, classified information can be processed or critical networks and systems can be controlled on one system, while a session for a video conference with external parties is running - strictly separated from this. The strict separation of individual sessions means that other business or even private uses can take place on a device in parallel. Windows and Linux can also be used side by side.

IT security powered by SINA

SINA was developed as a holistic security system that protects entire digital infrastructures. At its core, perfectly matched network components and clients ensure effective encryption and separation of differently classified data - locally and when transferred over the internet.

SINA is used worldwide by governments, critical infrastructures and in industry and is the leading security architecture in the Federal Republic of Germany with over 170,000 installed systems.

The SINA portfolio offers a selection of powerful end devices that by default meet all BSI requirement profiles for a secure workplace. VPN client, 2-factor authentication, hard disk encryption, interface control - all in one device.

SINA Management centrally manages and configures all users and components of the SINA product portfolio. The networks to be protected are set up, configured and administered in a structured manner. With its graphical user interface, SINA Management enables easy configuration of security relationships and access authorizations between SINA components and networks.

SINA Apps expand your possibilities to work with the SINA Workstation. Secure and flexible.

A SINA App is an application on the SINA Workstation in a separate workstation. It is its own minimalized open guest system with a defined task. As a result, the SINA App is optimally geared to specific usage scenarios.

SINA Apps extend the range of functions of the SINA Workstation and enable users to perform their tasks even more flexibly while on the road or in the home office. Our Hotspot App uses a public hotspot to establish a secure connection to the corporate network. This means that waiting times at train stations and airports can be used productively without further ado. With secunet Desktop, you can also participate in telephone or video conferences conveniently and easily. The SINA Private Browser allows free and secure surfing without malware getting onto your VS guest system.

Digitization promotes cooperation and collaboration - also in authorities and industry. Where previously countless paper printouts were necessary for the joint processing of sensitive data, today SINA Workflow facilitates the work of authorities and organizations.

The only end-to-end digital management system for classified information up to SECRET meets all the necessary security and procedural requirements of the VSA. The modular system solution takes effect as early as the design stage and protects data throughout its entire lifecycle.

The secunet safe surfer is a compartmentalized and hardened surfing environment for the SINA Workstation S on which external browser content is executed in isolation. This secures the largest gateways for
malware are secured: Internet access and phishing e-mails.

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