Bundesministerium des Innern

Awareness-raising and training measures on IT security in federal authorities and institutional grantees

The Federal Academy of Public Administration in the Federal Ministry of the Interior - BAköV for short - is the central training institution of the federal government. With its "Sicher gewinnt" initiative, BAköV is currently providing information in German federal authorities on the topic of IT security, thus ensuring security-conscious behaviour in the workplace. The initiative is supported by the BSI and implemented by selected companies, including secunet.

A total of 45,000 workers are to be trained


Through a framework contract, secunet has been commissioned by the Federal Academy to carry out IT security awareness measures and workplace IT security training in public authorities. The contract covers the support of all federal authorities and institutional grantees from the postcode area 00000-39999, which accounts for around 30 of the total of 88 individual projects. Here, secunet takes over the preparation and implementation of awareness-raising measures for executives, IT managers and public authority employees in general. The assignment includes standard training courses and events that are individually coordinated with the people who need them. BAköV's goal is to address the topic of IT security throughout the authority and in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Participants are to be provided with appropriate basic knowledge on security-conscious behaviour.

The overall project has a volume of approx.
1000 person days and is initially scheduled until the end of 2011.

In close coordination with the respective IT security and training officers in the federal authorities, IT security experts from secunet prepare the individual events and training measures in line with requirements and then carry them out. This also includes the conception and creation of accompanying training materials, flyers and attack demonstrations. Awareness-raising events are held for heads of department, heads of unit, IT staff and employees with special functions. On the topic of "IT security in the workplace", secunet takes over the on-site training of employees in the individual authorities.