SINA Workflow

The first and only all-digital management system for classified information up to SECRET - fully embedded into SINA Workstation

Less workload – more collaboration – highest security
Digitization promotes cooperation - however, until recently, authorities in particular were unable to benefit from this when dealing with classified information. Today, SINA Workflow significantly facilitates cooperation as a digital "classified information management system". Without countless paper printouts and couriers.

The benefits of SINA Workflow at a glance

Comprehensive approach

With its 360° security concept, SINA Workflow meets the highest security requirements and thus offers comprehensive internal protection against attacks - even from admins. Procedural coverage of national regulations is ensured in the same way as the implementation of the required security level.


Thanks to SINA Workflow, users can enjoy all the benefits of a document management system directly from their workstations, even when dealing with classified information. And this is guaranteed to be compliant with the classified information directive (VSA).


Users and CI administrators are relieved of the administrative overhead by appropriate background functions. They can concentrate entirely on their specialist tasks.


With SINA Workflow, operators can distribute CI documents within the respective security domain quickly and securely according to the principle of "need to know". And they can do this without having to physically enter a registry or hire a courier service.

Media break free

All CI content - i.e. all files, without restriction to specific formats - is digitally processed throughout, registered and distributed with access protection. In addition to normal written documents, this can also include audio and video files or, for example, images.

SINA Workflow: modern, mobile, unique.
The only end-to-end digital management system for classified information up to SECRET meets all necessary security and procedural requirements of national requirements. The modular system solution protects the data worthy of protection from the first draft throughout its entire "life cycle".

Fully digital CI document management up to SECRET. Including NTK distribution, registration and auditing. Integrated into SINA infrastructure and scalable.

Distribute confidential information securely – with a few

Digital working brings a large number of advantages: sending content quickly, making decisions rapidly, straightforward collaboration and – very relevant these days – working in a contact-free way. Previously, these advantages applied primarily to normal, non-classified information. Anyone who wanted to work digitally with sensitive data that required high-level security protection, or even with classified information (CI), had to seek out specially designed solutions which often did not have any approval and mostly still required paper-based documentation at some point in the workflow.
How does SINA Workflow work?
The page shows with vivid animations how CI up to SECRET are managed digitally throughout. And best of all: completely without media disruptions, errands or the question of whether all regulations are being adhered to. With BSI approval.
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Digital CI processing: Location-independent access to classified information

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