Federal Administrative Court

A fully equipped IT workplace with secure access to all internal IT resources

Remote access allows judges and non-judicial staff to complete tasks flexibly, regardless of location or time.

Many major courts use Secure Inter-Network Architecture (SINA) to enable protected digital work. The Federal Administrative Court is no exception. For the user group of judges, it thus creates secure remote access to the IT resources of the Federal Administrative Court as an additional, voluntary offer and enables tasks to be completed flexibly, independent of location and time. 

Non-judicial employees also benefit from alternating teleworking and, with SINA, have the opportunity to use a spatially and temporally flexible alternative to the existing form of working hours and work organization at the Federal Administrative Court. Users are provided with a fully equipped IT workstation with secure access to all internal IT resources, in particular to electronically managed administrative files. 

Alternating teleworking is intended to achieve the following goals:

  • Improved compatibility of family and career
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increase in motivation
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Support for the severely disabled
  • Early resumption of professional activity