Protection of critical infrastructures (CRITIS)

A failure or impairment of critical infrastructures (CRITIS) can have a significant impact on the state and the population in modern economies. A threat of supply bottlenecks or risks to public safety and order may arise in extreme cases.

Hence the principal security aim of national strategies is to increase protection for such infrastructures, so that ultimately their uninterrupted availability can be assured. Since these are nowadays controlled and monitored to a large extent by information and communication technologies, it is ever more important to protect the IT networks from cyberattacks – and not only the network itself but even the connection between the networks involved.

Even the role of IT security changes when digitising protection-worthy infrastructures. In the past, IT security was often seen as a "preventer" but now it is opening up opportunities for the meaningful implementation of digitisation within critical areas.

secunet understands IT security as an "enabler" and can look back on its vast experience to support businesses in a holistic manner – from consulting to products and services – to help them implement technological developments or to meet legal requirements.