Data protection management

Effective data protection support

Digitization, cloud computing, big data and other modern fields of technology pose increasingly complex challenges for data protection. Reliable data protection is a key prerequisite for companies and public authorities to be able to use information technologies successfully and in compliance with the law.

The EU GDPR takes a risk- and process-oriented approach to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data as well as the resilience of systems; it also requires a process for regularly reviewing the effectiveness of security measures with the aim of achieving continuous improvement.

But what does that mean for you?

Put your data protection management to the test with secunet in order to jointly determine the need for action, plan the necessary steps in a sensible and resource-saving manner, implement an integrated management system with practicable processes, create a solution concept for realizing the measures and optimally fulfill the documentation and verification obligations.

  • Increased requirements with regard to data protection organization and procedures must be met, as well as
  • data security measures to ensure legal compliance throughout the entire lifecycle of personal data.
  • Increased accountability obligations require very extensive documentation.
  • Contract processors are also being held more accountable.
  • In addition to the legal requirements, public awareness of data protection and the risks associated with data processing is growing.

Risk management synergies

The only way to be prepared for this is to have an effective data protection management system (DSMS), if possible integrated with an information security management system (ISMS), in order to avoid duplication, additional effort and contradictions, and to exploit synergies, for example in risk management, audits, awareness-raising measures and documentation.

Data protection is a central prerequisite for the legally permissible and successful use of existing and new information technologies. The challenges are becoming increasingly complex in the wake of digitization, cloud computing, big data, etc., and expert support is all the more important.

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