The early warning system for your network

Prevention and detection of cyber attacks
Organizations with digital infrastructure are exposed to sophisticated and ever-changing threats. As a result, businesses and government agencies are asking how they can adequately protect themselves from the ever-growing threats. The answer to many of these questions is an attack detection system.

secunet monitor detects vulnerabilities in your systems - before and if they are exploited.

In addition to encryption Trojans and/or a data tap with subsequent blackmail, it is primarily professional groups that are active for the purposes of economic or governmental espionage. secunet monitor expands your current security structure or your existing system for attack detection or establishes such a system in your infrastructure. secunet monitor is a software appliance with passive sensors that record network traffic in a data protection-compliant manner. In the central system, this data is analyzed, correlated and learned.

As a result, the system itself is not detectable and thus cannot trigger any negative effects on the monitored networks.

Advantages at a glance


Prevents and detects advanced forms of attack, enables dynamic detection of behavioral changes, and strengthens proactivity and network resilience


Provides an intuitive yet in-depth user interface, operationalizes next steps through recommendations, and is automatable via a REST API

Premium secure

Detects even very inconspicuous security problems, takes only a passive approach itself, and enables privacy-compliant evaluation

How it works


Modern networks have complex structures and thus many possible points at which security-relevant data flows past. However, the largest part is still handled via central nodes - e.g. at network transitions. In order to cover other relevant points and areas, secunet monitor offers options for distributed data tapping from the network node to individual systems or machines.

How do you want to use our solution?


There are several ways to integrate secunet monitor into your existing IT infrastructure. We will be happy to advise you and work with you to design the best strategy for your organization.


• On-site sensor technology, core system in a secure environment at secunet

• Simplest integration and narrower infrastructure

• Flexible use and less administration effort

In this model, all evaluations can be performed in the secunet data center or the secunet Cloud via secure connections and on secure infrastructure. For the very highest security, a connection via secunet SINA is possible.


• Full control and data retention in your own network

• Internal company connection

• Support by secunet or partners via secure remote access on request

All necessary components from sensors to core system to web application are integrated and operated locally on your premises. secunet or one of our specialized and trustworthy partners will take over the selection and integration of the infrastructure following a conception phase, if desired.

Managed Service

• Integration, operation and service by competent partners.

• Possible with secunet monitor on-premise as well as secunet monitor as-a-service

• Scaling effects and expertise through specialized service providers

In the case of network monitoring or Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service, secunet monitor is integrated, operated and serviced by secunet partners. Depending on the operating model, sub-processes are also possible as a managed service - e.g. operation by a service provider and operation by an internal SOC.

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Do you have questions about secunet monitor?
Do you have questions about secunet monitor?

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