Industrial facilities
In mechanical engineering, production or the process industry - the degree of networking is growing, but the exchange of data remains a challenge. The more complex the IT/OT landscape, the more susceptible companies are to cyber risks - the number of attacks and the amount of damage they cause are increasing rapidly.
secunet edge

IIoT gateway, edge computing platform and firewall in one.

secunet monitor

Prevention and detection of cyber attacks

secunet PKI SUITE

The key to secure digital processes

SINA Workstation S

For the transmission and processing of sensitive information


Secure and easy-to-use messaging and collaboration platform


Our IT Forensic division offers a group of reactive services that you can call upon at short notice in the event of a disaster.


We support you in setting up an ISMS according to IT-Grundschutz, developed by the BSI as a flexible modular system.


Disruptions and crises can hit a company at any time. The best protection is prevention.


Digitization, cloud computing, and big data pose increasingly complex challenges for data protection.

Awareness Training

The aim of the awareness program: employees recognize the benefits of cyber security and change their behavior on their own.

Audits & Analysis

Support in audit preparation and monitoring in the context of certification audits.

Penetration testing

Key components of a sustainable IT security strategy



Protection of industrial facilities

Whether in mechanical engineering, production or the process industry - the degree of networking is growing, but secure data exchange remains a challenge. The more complex the IT/OT landscape, the more vulnerable companies are to cyber risks - the number of attacks and the amount of damage are increasing rapidly. Wherever networking takes place, IT security ensures that business continuity is maintained. secunet, as a leading cybersecurity provider, supports companies in their digitalization - with field-tested product and consulting expertise.


Icon Produktionsanlagen secunet
Production facilities

Operators of industrial facilities and machines

Icon Maschinenbau secunet
Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturer of industrial equipment and machinery

Icon Prozessautomatisierung secunet
Process automation

Chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics companies, bottling facilities and refineries


Secure connection of systems

With secunet edge, companies can connect old machines with the latest technology. Protocol translation enables communication between old devices and new technologies. The "Connect" function enables secure connection of systems to infrastructures, processes, cloud services (e.g. Microsoft Azure) and (Industrial) Internet of Things (IoT or IIoT) platforms. secunet edge offers modern technology for secure communication of equipment within production networks as well as with the corporate network and external interfaces.


Remote maintenance with full compliance

With secunet edge's "Remote" function, systems such as control or automation technology can be maintained remotely. With the overall solution, this is also possible for older infrastructures and systems, even though they do not meet the technical requirements themselves. Our edge computing platform provides compensating security and makes secure remote access and protected remote maintenance possible, even retrospectively.


Protective screen with stealth

Via the "Protect" function, secunet edge protects against attacks and manipulations. In addition to firewall functionality, older systems in particular can be hidden from attackers and malware via a patented "stealth mode". This significantly reduces the attack surface.


Monitoring safety and quality

In interaction with secunet monitor, secunet edge monitors the security and quality aspects of networks. Distributed sensors detect attack patterns and discover vulnerabilities and anomalies in the system at an early stage. Thus, attacks can be averted and system failures prevented. secunet monitor is available as an add-on for secunet edge appliances and requires a core system or an as-a-service subscription to secunet monitor.


Application environment at the edge of infrastructures

As a platform, secunet edge brings a flexible yet secure application environment to the edge of digital infrastructures. In addition to an environment compatible with the Open Container Initiative (OCI) or Docker, secunet edge integrates diverse middleware from secunet partners.

Track assets

For detection and monitoring and to uncover unknown attacks, secunet monitor extracts communication partners from the network traffic and consolidates them as assets. Automatically created profiles and individually maintained details enable pinpointing of anomalies and make unwanted guests visible.

Reveal weak points

To identify gaps in existing procedures and uncover problems that are unknown, secunet monitor analyzes network traffic for vulnerabilities such as outdated operating systems. In addition to quality assurance for vulnerability management, this reduces the risk of hidden defensive weaknesses.

Verify compliance

States or activities that do not comply with the specifications or where vulnerabilities arise can be detected and contained via predefined, but also individually customizable compliance rules. The intuitive default rule set and Network Policy Editor provide quality control for security measures and notification of compliance violations or unexpected behavior.

Detect attacks

To detect and analyze attacks, which can range from automated scans to malware to targeted and highly complex attacker activity, secunet monitor extracts indicators from network traffic. Rule sets, heuristics and machine learning enable faster attack detection as well as a second opinion on other signals such as anomalies on endpoints, providing an opportunity to catch advanced attacks early.

Detect anomalies

In addition to relatively clear indicators, depending on the signal strength, security problems can also be hidden in the background noise. secunet monitor therefore detects anomalies in network traffic or behavior, which can indicate configuration problems, errors or even attacks. Anomalies are pointed out by means of behavioral analysis and baselines automatically created by machine learning.

With secunet monitor, you strengthen your resistance and resilience against attacks and other security problems.


Shielding, monitoring, remote access, application platform and much more for industrial production.

secunet edge creates and extends your possibilities at the border of digital world to physical world and increases the security of your production processes. As an overall solution, it combines many use cases in a stable and trustworthy infrastructure. 

The retrofit solution for IIoT secures communication between machines, plants and IT and enables sustainable efficiency increases and cost optimization through digitization of production.


Until now, only companies with state-of-the-art plants have been able to benefit from the advantages of Industry 4.0. With secunet, you can now also make your older plants fit and simply bring them into the digitalized environment.
Extend the useful life of your machines, increase efficiency by using machine data for services such as predictive maintenance and reduce high operating costs.

Firewall with protocoll translation

With the translation, security for obsolete or insecure interfaces and protocols is added subsequently (e.g. SMB to SFTP). This is done "on-the-fly", i.e. without intermediate storage of data. On-the-fly protocol translation between:

■ smb/ftp <--> sftp/ftps
■ telnet <--> ssh
■ rs232 <--> ssh

With "Stealth Machine - Stealth Factory", systems connected via secunet are not visible to attackers. In addition, unlike many other solutions, a VPN network connection is not mandatory.

Remote access and maintenance

In production, the maintenance of machinery and equipment has a significant impact on the profitability of companies. The benefits: higher machine availability, reduced downtime, cost and resource savings. However, smart and predictive maintenance solutions require secure, controllable remote access to machines and plants that addresses different roles and rights in a suitable form.

secunet edge ensures the secure use of remote maintenance services and thus protects companies from cyber attacks.

IT/OT networking

Reliable protection for IT/OT networking in production and logistics increases transparency in operations. Existing hardware does not need to be replaced. Retrofitting with secunet edge gives companies back control over the communication of production-relevant data in the IT/OT network. The added value: increased transparency and efficiency in the production and logistics process.

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence for product optimization and extension of the product life cycle through predictive quality assurance.

Together with 3rd party apps, secunet edge enables predictive quality assurance of products as well as transparency and cost reduction in the production process. Simple / analog products become smart products. Production can optimize itself through digitalization and the use of data analytics tools. The product life cycle is extended, which saves resources and contributes to environmental protection by avoiding waste.

secunet edge - Die Gesamtlösung für Edge Computing, Industrie 4.0 und Industrial IoT
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