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Overall solution for edge computing

Digital transformation with a secure platform
secunet edge is a secure platform for IIoT and edge computing and combines three normally separate product categories in one solution for industry. IIoT gateway, edge computing platform and firewall with network monitoring in one.

Connected sensors, machines and plants in Industry 4.0 increase complexity, create new attack surfaces for cyber criminals and thus increase the risk of system errors or even failures. Older plant generations in particular are therefore vulnerable to attacks and malware. They also form a gateway for blackmail by means of Trojans and ransomware or for unauthorised remote access. 

According to the IDC study "Cybersecurity in DACH 2022", 72 % of companies in the DACH region were affected by ransomware. 40 % have even seen an increase in cyber attacks in the past twelve months. Looking ahead, half of the respondents (50 %) expect the number of attacks to increase even further. If a ransomware attack occurred, only 50% of the companies were able to successfully fend it off.

Our solution

Secure connectivity: connecting to internal and external services.

The secure communication of systems with the corporate network, within production networks and the basic secure connection of systems to structures, processes, cloud and IoT services.

Protection for machines and networks.

Machines are isolated from the network. Data flows are controlled between defined segments - as required by the protection needs of the zones.

Powerful and secure edge computing platform based on flexible container environment.
The integrated container runtime, which is secured by a hardened operating system, makes it easy to install and operate individual applications and containers, including your own.
and operate.

One platform. Many applications.

The flexible environment can be used to cover several use cases via an organisation-wide platform as well as via just one physical appliance. In addition to existing applications from secunet and partners, own applications can also be conveniently implemented. Important functions of the platform - such as the dedicated Secure Element for cryptography - are available to the applications via an API.

secunet edge - The complete solution for edge computing, Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT
Advantages for IIoT and Edge Computing at a glance

The long life cycle and low risk of faults make secunet edge a sustainable overall solution for edge computing. The platform approach means that relevant applications can also be connected easily and flexibly in the future.

As an IT security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany, we specialise in highly secure solutions. Therefore, our overall edge computing solution is based on solid cryptography and other highly secure components and configurations.

secunet edge covers a wide variety of use cases - from secure networking in production and medical facilities to new digital approaches in long-established infrastructures. Talk to us about your individual needs and requirements.

With the help of its Docker compatibility, which no longer requires an operating system to be loaded, secunet edge and all its applications can be easily integrated into existing systems. Low entry barriers and flat learning curves for configuration and administration facilitate the changeover.

Large quantities of generated data are analysed, processed and converted directly into usable information using secunet edge. Processing capacities are conserved.

secunet edge wraps itself around machines and other systems like a protective shell and decouples their life cycles from the IT environment. Thus, the solution provides IT and OT security without impacting machines, systems or production processes. The inherent vulnerability, attack and anomaly detection of the edge computing platform further protects your systems.

Thanks to the platform approach, secunet edge grows with the size of your network. The flexible structure also allows it to be used in areas that may only become relevant in the future, e.g. in the context of machine learning.

Multifaceted possibilities.
Thanks to the flexible structure of the overall solution for IIoT and edge computing, many areas of application are possible, including those that may only take off in the near future - for example, autonomisation by means of machine learning. secunet edge is flexible in terms of the breadth of areas of application and at the same time can be specifically aligned to concrete industry use cases - as the following examples from practice show:
Energy supply

Secure remote access and proactive monitoring in distributed energy supply

secunet edge enables secure remote access and protected remote administration for distributed and networked power generation plants, transformer stations or other plants "in the field". With the same infrastructure, safety states and quality aspects can also be proactively monitored.

Automobile production

Hybrid applications in automotive production on a secure basis

secunet edge brings applications up to hybrid applications with partial routines in the cloud as close as possible to physical production. The flexible edge computing platform makes this possible securely and efficiently both in greenfield approaches and in the brownfield (retrofit).

Water supply

Screening of water supply & wastewater treatment systems and use of modern applications

secunet edge also retrofits systems in critical infrastructures such as fresh water supply or sewage treatment plants. In addition to a protective shield and a cloak of invisibility for risky systems, the platform can also be used for modern applications - e.g. to increase energy efficiency.


Shielding, monitoring, remote access, application platform and much more for industrial production

secunet edge enables or expands your possibilities at the border of the digital world to the physical world and increases the security of your production processes. As an overall solution, it combines many use cases in a stable and trustworthy infrastructure.


MedTec 4.0 - Networked operating theatres, medical technology and hospital infrastructure

Medical IT (MIT) requires comprehensive protection against external influences from connected IT networks on the one hand, but at the same time the options for comprehensive networking, data-driven process optimisation and support for new medical applications. More information about secunet medical connect.

secunet edge Line-Up
The right secunet edge for your application
secunet edgesecunet edge extended
2x LAN with Intel i2104x LAN with Intel i210
1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.01x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, RS232
Intel ATOM E3827Intel ATOM E3827
16/64 GB secunet CryptoCore SSD*16/64 GB secunet CryptoCore SSD*
W / H / D:85.6 / 33.8 / 83.3 (mm)W / H / D:162.6 / 40.6 / 121.6 (mm)

* Cryptographically secured with Embedded Secure Element

Questions and answers about our total solution for IIoT and Edge Computing

The focus of secunet edge is on a mature solution that can be used as well as possible in production and other critical areas. Core aspects of this focus are:

  • Cost efficiency through industrial life cycles, multi-functionality and interoperability as well as minimised configuration and maintenance efforts.
  • Convenience through user-friendliness for integrators, operators and operating personnel, central administration and scalability, as well as an ecosystem with carefully maintained middleware and application components from secunet and partners.
  • Premium security through solid cryptography (including a dedicated secure element), security-by-design and security-by-default, and reliable updates.

Retrofitting machines with security and/or functionality is one of the solution's most important use cases. secunet edge has already been in use in production environments in the financial sector for over ten years, where it breathes new life into veteran digital systems.

secunet edge covers a wide range of use cases - from secure networking in production and medical facilities to new digital approaches in long-established infrastructures. Talk to us about your individual needs and requirements

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