Automotive & Mobility
Mobility models such as connected and autonomous driving, car sharing, logistics management or electromobility depend on secure IT solutions.
secunet edge

Edge Computing, Network Security, Remote Maintenance and Industrial IOT

SINA Infrastructure

Remote maintenance with security - for operators, service providers and manufacturers

secunet PKI Suite

The key to secure digital processes


A secure and easy-to-use messaging and collaboration platform with helpful features, stashcat improves internal team communication and efficiency.

secunet monitor

Prevention and detection of cyber attacks

Penetration testing

Key components of a sustainable IT security strategy


Our IT Forensic division offers a group of reactive services that you can call upon at short notice in the event of a disaster.

Analyses & Assessments

Support in audit preparation and assistance in the context of certification audits. According to defined standards (e.g. 62443, ETSI, 21434, CC, NIST SP800-82) or customer-specific requirements. For individual objects, products, systems, organization and processes.

Information Security Management

We support you in setting up an ISMS according to IT-Grundschutz, developed by the BSI as a flexible modular system. According to 27001 and 21434.

Awareness Training

The goal of the awareness program: employees recognize the benefits of cyber security and change their behavior on their own.

Protection for companies in the automotive & mobility sectors

In the course of the digital transformation, vehicles will also become part and hub of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the future. With a steadily increasing software share and increasing networking, broadband and intelligent networks that enable near real-time access to computing capacities in the cloud, and AI-based technologies, a complete integration of future vehicle generations in digital eco-systems is foreseeable.

The changes associated with the integration of vehicles into the IoT are not limited to the automotive industry. The transportation and logistics industry is also in the midst of a transformation, as the digitalization of vehicle and eco-system not only enables new, optimized assistance functions for drivers and vehicles, but also new mobility and logistics concepts such as digital supply chains or freight exchanges/tracking.

These technological developments result in cyber risks that make not only individual vehicles, but also the associated supply chains and infrastructures vulnerable to attack. This requires effective protection mechanisms for affected companies.


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Manufacturers of motor vehicles, mobile machinery and water and rail vehicles and their suppliers

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Transport & Logistics

Provider of services & products in the transport of goods & commodities

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Manufacturer and operator of traffic guidance/control technology

Attack & Anomaly Detection

The number of attacks is increasing despite numerous security measures and new approaches. And: they are becoming more and more successful! Especially with the means of professional hackers, but also with easy-to-use tools, the attacks are increasing and often cause high damages. Companies and public authorities are increasingly challenged and ask themselves how they can adequately protect themselves against the growing threats. Network traffic is analyzed passively and in compliance with data protection regulations. The system itself can neither be detected nor is there any negative impact on network performance.


Full control over all process relevant identities and data flows

IT-supported business processes are the backbone of industry and the economy today. The steadily increasing networking and thus the complete digitization of value chains in companies, complete industries, and between different industries require corresponding trust anchors. Cryptographic processes and the use of certificates and signatures ensure trust in actors and control over digital infrastructures.

Use cases
Automotive production

Hybrid applications in automotive production on a secure basis

secunet brings digital applications up to hybrid applications with partial routines in the cloud as close as possible to physical production. The flexible edge computing platform makes this possible securely and efficiently both in greenfield approaches and in the brownfield (retrofit).

Charging Park

A PKI system is a cryptographic system that creates, distributes and manages unique identities via certificates and signatures. With growing digitization and the Internet of Things, a unique identity for things will be a central component of security in the future.

Automotive PKI

Secure Key Management

With PKI for Automotive, secunet offers a very flexible product that has proven itself in productive use as a foundation for central cryptographic systems. PKI systems for automotive applications with various supported certificate formats can be set up in the same way as crypto key management with hardware security modules.
Well-known applications for securing electronics in the automotive sector, such as secure flashing of ECUs, software over-the-air, diagnostic security and secure on-board power supply communication (SecOC), secure smart-charging communication (ISO 15118) can be implemented in the same way as new and future tasks in the field of data services, mobility services or car-2-car communication. Various standard-based interfaces are available for integration.

Farming and IT security

CLAAS invests in the future: Agricultural machinery has reached a level of development that can hardly be increased by traditional means. In order to maintain its leading position in the market, the agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS is therefore focusing on new and forward-looking business areas.
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