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Security Awareness Training

Raising awareness among own employees as a preventive foundation
A targeted security awareness training is an important component for the IT security of a company. The company's own employees represent one of the biggest security gaps - knowingly and unknowingly. The technical measures for cyber security are only effective when the company's own employees behave in a security-conscious manner. However, there is often a lack of sensitisation and awareness.



There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Circumvention of safety measures due to lack of understanding or motivation
  • Digital carefree
  • Reliance on technical protection mechanisms
  • Rejecting ownership of information security
  • Lack of knowledge of the employees

In order to prevent serious security errors, public authorities and companies need to focus on their employees. Security awareness training provides them with the necessary tools to recognise potentially security-critical situations and to react appropriately. We at secunet are happy to support you in this.


The topics of our security awareness training

Security Awareness Basissicherheit secunet
General Safety

An overview of the most important topics and stumbling blocks when dealing with information - analogue as well as digital - for employees of a company.

Security Awareness: mobiles Arbeiten secunet
Mobile Working

Mobile working increases the potential for danger and requires employees to exercise a high degree of care. Easy-to-implement safety tips, such as a display lock and regular data backups, should be observed.

Security Awareness: E-Mailsicherheit
E-Mail Security

E-mails have become an indispensable part of everyday communication. The dangers of fraudulent e-mails and the correct behaviour in the event of attempted attacks must be taken into account.

Security Awareness: Social engeneering secunet
Social Engineering

Protection from tricksters on the internet or by phone is essential nowadays. Tips and preventive measures can help protect employees from such attacks.

Security Awareness: sicherer Arbeitsplatz secunet
Safe Workplace

Basic rules for handling IT equipment and information as well as regulations such as a clean desk policy.

Security Awareness: Internet Secunet

Protection against malware, the need for updates and the separation of private and business. Especially in relation to social media, this can be a challenge for many employees.

Security Awareness: Informationsklassifizierung secunet
Information Classification

The classification of documents, data and information into so-called confidentiality classes is a necessary process to protect confidential information of all kinds.

Security Awareness: Anlagensicherheit secunet
Plant Security

The protection of industrial facilities is of utmost importance. This includes both physical and technical protection to prevent unauthorised access and industrial espionage.

Tailored to you and specific to your target group.

Together with you, we select the appropriate topics for the show so that your IT guidelines are optimally complemented by live hacking. We would also be happy to advise you on the choice of topics. We recommend a duration of 90 minutes to cover the most important information security trends. However, shorter or longer shows are also possible. Our event is also ideal as a whimsical contribution to an evening event or conference.

We offer target group-specific variations - you want to train executives specifically? Then ask for our executive live hacking. Here we specifically address the information security requirements for managers. We are also happy to teach your IT employees more about the technical possibilities of hackers.

Raise your team's awareness with secunet Security Awareness Training

The goal of our security awareness programme for IT security: Employees recognise the benefits of cyber security and change their behaviour towards more security on their own - through self-awareness and practice.

1. Quotation

We create a customised quotation

With the various evaluation measures before, during and after completion of the programme, we can measure what progress the employees have made. If necessary, the results can be prepared in a management-friendly report.

We will work with you to develop goals specifically for your company and present you with our suitable measures, from which we will create a customised IT security awareness programme. Contact us using the form below to make an appointment for a personal consultation.

2. Planning & Implementation

Joint planning and implementation of the training

In the implementation phase, we jointly determine the time schedule at which the measures will be carried out. Here we support you with the creation of the appropriate content at the right time. Of course, particularly labour-intensive times (e.g. end of the year) or holiday periods are also taken into account accordingly.

3. Supervision

We will supervise you through the whole programme

Throughout the entire programme, we stay in close contact with you and monitor how the individual measures are working. By making adjustments, we can adapt the measures and thus continuously increase security awareness. We also provide further tips and suggestions on how you can continue to raise awareness among employees even after the programme has ended.

We remain available for you at all times!

4. Measuring success

Measuring success through proper evaluation procedures

With the various evaluation procedures before, during and after completion of the programme, we can measure what progress the employees have made. If necessary, the results can be prepared in a management-friendly report.

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Do you have any questions about our Awareness Training offerings?
Do you have any questions about our Awareness Training offerings?

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