Business Continuity Management System

Secure your business operations

Disruptions and crises can hit a company suddenly and unannounced at any time. The best protection lies in prevention. With our experience in the implementation of management systems, we support you in the design and commissioning of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).


■ Definition of the scope and requirements for the ability to continue as a going concern.
■ Establishment of a business continuity management system according to established standards.
■ Prepare for disruptions and crises (including malware, fires, pandemics).
■ Creating awareness of the organization's current resilience and robustness and the opportunities to expand, improve, and increase it

Exploiting synergy potential?

Management systems for information security, business continuity and data protection have intersections with each other in which content can be uniformly can be developed uniformly or used across the board. We support you in fully exploiting your synergy potential.


Basically, a BCMS project starts with an analysis of the current state. In the next step, the business processes and the risks are analyzed for their
criticality. The strategy is defined and BC plans are derived. Test plans are also created in the process. In the last step the introduction and the first operation takes place in connection with a test and if necessary a specification of the determined measures.

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Do you have any questions about BCMS?

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