Automated Border Control with secunet easygate: Always a sleek transit

Rising passenger numbers, larger aircraft and increasing security requirements issue major challenges to personnel, technology and infrastructure at all airports worldwide. The Automated Border Control System, ABC Gate or eGate for short, secunet easygate, ensures the satisfaction of all parties when it comes to border controls:

Border control agencies are significantly relieved in their security function: secunet easygate performs thorough checks of the authenticity of the identity document by both optical and electronic means. It scans in the electronic facial image of the traveller and compares the biometric data against the traveller’s live image. Border control officers monitor the process and only intervene actively if further checks are necessary on a traveller.

Airports benefit from the further automation of the passenger process without having to change the existing infrastructure. Passenger processing becomes even more efficient and a higher passenger throughput can be realised as a result - a decisive advantage in international competition.

Travellers in possession of an electronic ID document will enjoy being able to pass through much more quickly. It takes no time at all for them to be processed through the secunet easygate and across the national border, something they can do intuitively and independently. For these travellers, queueing is a thing of the past.