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for global interoperability, maximum security and modernised processes
Electronic identity documents, or eIDs for short, not only contain personal data, but also biometric information about the holder, commonly the biometric facial image and fingerprints. Quality requirements must be fulfilled and the data on the chip must be specially protected to ensure that it can be used successfully later on. This is regulated by international guidelines with which we are very familiar.

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All around view

We always keep an eye on the entire process chain and know better than anyone else about the effects of individual process steps in the project. Our customers benefit from the smooth integration of new solutions into their existing processes.


As IT security experts and specialists for high-security solutions, we couple biometrics with other relevant security technologies and topics. We thus optimize your systems in terms of security and cost-effectiveness.


We work in line with your needs and our calculations are reliable. Whether ready-made solution modules, the development of individual software components or sound technical advice - we stand for precise, custom-fit implementation of your requirements.


We actively participate in the international standardization bodies that set standards worldwide. We bring the resulting know-how to our customer projects and solutions. You receive proven solutions that at the same time always cover the latest standards.

1,000,000,000 ePassports
estimated to be in circulation by mid-2019. At that point, more than 150 countries had begun issuing e-passports. This is expected to be accompanied by passenger processes at borders and airports becoming simpler, more secure and smarter at an ever faster pace.

Why choose to be advised?

By adding the electronic component to the established optical security features, a significantly higher level of document security and identity protection has been achieved. And that's not all: by using electronic data, various applications such as police identification or border control can be automated or "mobilized". Overall, processes will become simpler, more secure and faster.

When dealing with biometric data, there are many things that can be done right, but also many things that can be done wrong. A holistic view of the life cycle of ID cards, passports, visas and the like is needed. This is the only way to guarantee that these ID documents can be read at borders worldwide or function properly in e-government and access control applications. We have this holistic view and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

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