Conformity testing of smart cards and readers

as an open source based tool
Conformity tests based on international standards are essential. Why? Quite simply, they ensure the security and global interoperability of smart documents and readers.

Your benefits at a glance

Open source based

Our test specifications use the open source platform GlobalTester. This allows easy and fast customization and extension with additional features and applications.


GlobalTester is continuously developed based on the latest test standards and cryptography to issue and verify standards-compliant eID documents.


We are guaranteed to always offer the most up-to-date test suites for testing smart card protocols based on the latest test specifications from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and ICAO.


With GlobalTester, customers benefit several times over, starting with the fast implementation of test specifications, its simple yet detailed error analysis, and our fast support.

We accompany the standardization and conformity tests for eIDs

The interoperability of electronic identity documents and corresponding readers is a key requirement for being able to check today's more than 500 million electronic passports, or eMRTDs, at international borders. It is also crucial for the full use of ID functions in e-government and access control applications. Since the introduction of the first electronic passports in 2004, compliance testing for electronic identity documents and readers has come a long way. Our experts have played a key role in this development:  The global interoperability that is taken for granted today is based on test standards and the availability of automated test tools for conformance testing, such as GlobalTester - from which almost the entire digital world benefits. We are proud of this.

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GlobalTester offers many benefits for testing smart cards & readers:
Smart Card TestingReader Testing
Based on GlobalTester’s open source conformity test platform
Allows the development of additional custom test cases and test suites
Allows the development of additional custom test cases and test suites
XML-structured test cases for improved automated processing
Scripting language provides full transparency to the test engineer
Supports all e-passport and eID cryptography based on TR-03110 and ICAO Doc 9303
Supports the protocols BAP and PACE based on ISO/IEC-18013
Provides simulation of smart cards (e-passports, eID cards), incl. easy-to-use scripts to generate various card configurations
Provides simulation of smart card readers (inspection systems)
Can be enhanced for extensive acceptance testing with model-based testing tools
Based on the latest test standards

The future of conformity testing

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Test tool for smart cards and document readers on an open-source basis

Since 2006 GlobalTester is used by industry and government customers worldwide to test the conformity of eID solutions.

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