SMIT / biomiddle

secunet biomiddle enhances border control and fingerprint enrolment in Estonia

secunet supplied its biometric middleware for installation at several hundred workstations in the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the country’s border control authority and to all Police stations.

biomiddle is used to manage optical and electronic document checks, to process biometric data for visa applications - to be more precisely for VIS, EURODAC as well as EES in the future - and for border control.

secunet biomiddle is installed at hundreds of workstations at check-points operated by the Police and the Border Guard Board and at embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In embassies, the middleware is used to process an average of more than 150,000 visa applications per year. It manages the components used to capture the biographical and biometric data required in the application process.

At border control checkpoints, secunet biomiddle enhances stationary and mobile border control. It coordinates optical and electronic document checks, as well as standard biometric functions for data acquisition, quality assessment and verification. secunet biomiddle allows the flexible integration of processes as well as software and hardware components via standard interfaces.

In any application, the High Level Document Check interface (HLDC2) of secunet biomiddle - in accordance with the Technical Guideline TR-03135 of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) – makes sure that logging of optical checks and evaluation of the results are performed according to the latest standards.

“secunet biomiddle is an exceptional product for building state level document verification and biometric enrolment solutions. The guys from secunet delivered a great support and solved all problems just-in-time.”

IT and Development Centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior (SMIT)