SINA for secure and high-performance access to various networks

The German Military Representative to the Military Committee of NATO, to the European Union and to the Western European Union (DMV) decided to use SINA Thin Clients. Particular challenges during the project implementation were:
  • Access to national, NATO and EU server areas with strict information separation ("multi-level separation"), and 
  • Ensuring good performance of the connection between the DMV in Brussels and the BMVg in Bonn and Berlin.

The SINA Thin Clients consist of a diskless, radiation- and tamper-proof standard PC with network card and smartcard reader. The client system is started from a CD-ROM as a secure medium. Up to six different terminal server sessions can be configured on a SINA thin client. SINA has been successfully used by the DMV since 2007. Even at peak times, more than fifty users can access the provided subnets with high performance.