The Czech paper visa gets digital help

The Czech paper visa gets digital help

EU regulation on Schengen visas
As of May 1, 2022, new rules apply to Schengen visas. The analog documents must now be supplemented by a digital seal and are only valid in such a "combination package".

Because only the analog version is too insecure and too susceptible to fraud. Blank papers, on which authorities and embassies print the individual travel data, were coveted by fraudsters and therefore had to be kept in safes at great expense. That's why the EU Commission decided on April 30, 2020: We need a digital seal to supplement the analog version.

For this purpose, the Czech Republic relies on the secunet Digital Seal Signer. It offers secure travel management and provides authorities such as embassies with the necessary protection against fraud. Information such as the date, the authorized length of stay and the passport number is digitized by a 2D barcode and signed by the respective authority. This barcode is generated by a secure web service and the visa can be printed. This provides an additional technical safeguard to the print version.

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