Identity Check and Verification

Mobile and always available systems for modern police work

When it comes to identity verification, police officers are increasingly relying on highly mobile systems that deliver relevant verification results in real time. Criminals often use multiple identities - and if this identity misuse is not detected, it can have serious consequences for public safety. To prevent this, we deliver modern and highly secure solutions tailored to your needs.

The police department always in your pocket

secunet provides state-of-the-art solutions and technologies that enable police officers on patrol to be much more efficient when on the move: secunet biomiddle, for example, was also implemented for standard smartphones to establish identity and to read and check identity documents.

With our solutions for identity verification and identification, the machine-readable line (MRZ) of passports, ID cards, and residence permits can be scanned on site using a smartphone camera, and the document's chip can be read to verify the document's authenticity. Necessary background systems are queried automatically. The secunet bocoa app, which is based on secunet biomiddle, displays the results of the check directly on the smartphone. This means that fast, comprehensive and reliable identification of persons is also possible on the move.

Your benefits at a glance

Smooth connection

Location-independent search query with direct link to police search systems

Immediate suspicion analysis

Validation of initial suspicion possible on site


Realization of significant efficiency gains and resource relief by avoiding media breaks, input, transmission and transcription errors.


Low-cost, highly mobile and secure solution based on standard smartphones

"From a police point of view, the app is a kind of technical milestone, and for a modern police force it makes work much easier. It offers several possibilities to query people or things. [...] The phone is able to check electronic information of biometric passports or ID cards and thus provide clues about possible manipulations. [...] For skilled users, data matching is even performed in seconds."

Group Leader Federal Police Magdeburg District

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