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Is it possible to manage classified information digitally?

Secure infrastructures are the indispensable backbone of our networked world. Reason enough for us not to exclude classified information (CI) from this.
The registry already closed? The CI courier not at hand? A quick decision based on a classified document is necessary? The implementation of the regulations according to the classified information directive (VSA) slows down processes? The constant media disruption complicates work and prevents quick coordination with colleagues? These are just a few of the problems encountered in the day-to-day handling of classified information. But that's over now!

Our vision: Classified information does not have to be complicated, cumbersome and slow!

Where previously countless paper printouts and errands were necessary for the joint processing of classified documents, SINA Workflow now makes work much easier as a digital "classified information management system". The following animations show how CI up to SECRET are managed digitally throughout. And best of all: completely without media disruptions, errands or the question of whether all regulations are being adhered to. With BSI approval.

Digital right from the start

Even the creation of highly sensitive or classified documents is completely digital. Users can work in their well-known interface and thus also with the familiar applications. This means that all the advantages of a classic document management system are available. All file types can be used, such as text, images or audio. By using SINA Workstations, several virtual work environments can be operated, which are strictly separated from each other and thus enable parallel work in different security domains (multi-level data separation) - up to and including SECRET.

All hard disk accesses and network connections are automatically encrypted by the SINA Workstation and thus cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. This means that data security can be guaranteed without having to securely lock away the computer after each use.

SINA Workflow additionally secures the CI documents cryptographically, thereby protecting them from unauthorized access even at the central storage location. This means that internal perpetrators don't stand a chance in the data center as well!

You can save yourself the trip to the registry

After users have created the documents, they are appropriated in the digital CI registry of SINA Workflow. The process of collecting paper documents, which was previously often carried out in analog mode, is now completed with just a few clicks of the mouse, including secure distribution within the user's own organization. SINA Workflow takes care of verification, security and distribution in the background in accordance with the principle of "need to know".

The documents and metadata are sent to the CI registry via a secure connection. There they are fully automated, digitally registered and assigned an individual CI inventory number. In the final step, everything is securely stored in the CI inventory (storage) for further processing.

Need-to-know simple and uncomplicated

If the cooperation or knowledge of other users is necessary, access to the CI material can be easily granted by authorized users. For example, the creator of the document can conveniently distribute the document, the process or the file to selected recipients in the application according to need-to-know. This ensures that only authorized users have access to highly sensitive or classified documents.  With corresponding proofs, which are automatically created by SINA Workflow.

Users who receive the need-to-know still have the option of rejecting this and not being burdened with the content.

For a complete logging of access, all retrievals and granted or denied authorizations are stored and can be viewed if required. SINA Workflow guarantees genuine need-to-know distribution, including evidence.

Finally, fast and uncomplicated collaboration

Once the need-to-know has been accepted, users can work with the CI documents in their familiar working environment. With the appropriate rights to the respective document, content can be read, changed, additional work can be requested or provided, and other processes can be started.

Thanks to SINA Workflow, it is possible to collaborate on CI documents digitally from start to finish. All processes on and with CI, whether alone or with a group of users, are greatly simplified. The process as a whole becomes much more efficient and uncomplicated, while ensuring the same level of security for content and evidence.

Coordinating and managing classified information

Working with CI material requires collaboration between different departments or users. The solution supports all processes within an organization through the workflow-specific roles of reader, editor, approver, signer, and originator. In the past, the CI document had to be transported to colleagues in a laborious and lengthy process, including manual verification.

Today, however, the coordination process is greatly accelerated by SINA Workflow. The CI document passes through the various stations in a flash. The coordination and administration process is also completed in the blink of an eye or with a few mouse clicks. Certain architecture features also enable cross-organizational processes.



Managing and verifying classified information

SINA Workflow creates the evidence required by the classified information directive (VSA) for the holistic lifecycle of CI material.

The cryptographically secured evidence management provides a complete record of the individual steps in the life of the document. SINA Workflow also documents who took cognizance of the document, when, whether digital or physical copies or copies exist, and how coordination processes were carried out.

Be part of the next revolution in managing classified information

Public authorities work with CI and other sensitive data. Our SINA architecture has proven its worth in protecting this data: With secure SINA laptops and clients, employees access the administrative network in a familiar but secure environment. Their IT infrastructures and data exchange are secured by SINA encryption boxes. Admin tools enable central and flexible management of IT operations.

The next step is our holistic solution for handling CI - SINA Workflow. The only end-to-end digital management system for classified information up to SECRET meets all necessary security and procedural requirements of national requirements. Including need-to-know distribution, registration and auditing. Integrated into SINA infrastructure and scalable.

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Do you still have questions about SINA Workflow? Do you need individual advice? Would you like to see a live demo tailored to your needs?

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