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SecuStack: Cloud Computing for Security-Critical Infrastructures

[Essen, Germany, 15 June 2018] OpenStack is the de facto standard for open-source cloud computing and data centres – which even global players rely on for public and private cloud services. The solutions are fully scalable and can be flexibly expanded or reduced based on the current order situation, meaning that companies of any size can have a tailored cloud structure with OpenStack. In order to implement the increased security requirements of R&D institutions, Industry 4.0 applications, public authorities, and banks, for example, secunet Security Networks AG – a leading German provider for discerning IT security – has embarked on a collaboration with Cloud&Heat Technologies, with the objective of establishing a security-hardened cloud platform for critical processes and data.

In this collaboration, Cloud&Heat’s many years of experience with OpenStack infrastructures and their operation, alongside secunet’s unique expertise in the areas of highly secure system solutions, cryptography, and highly complex key management, will reach a new level of synergy.

The joint SecuStack project will be presented to a wide audience for the first time at this year’s CEBIT.

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