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Micro-virtualisation of Windows applications on the SINA Workstation S

[Essen, Germany, 8 October 2019] The upcoming software version of the SINA Workstation S supports micro-virtualisation from Bromium. This will provide SINA Workstation users with an additional safeguard against malware for individual Windows applications.

The SINA Workstation allows secure access to internal networks of public authorities or companies, at the office or on the go. Guest systems such as Windows or Linux, which can also run in parallel on the SINA software, are executed in a secure virtualised environment – which means that a potential malicious code in a guest system cannot find its way into other systems. In future, it will be possible to additionally safeguard individual Office applications or web browsers within the Windows guest system thanks to Bromium micro-virtualisation.     

When a user opens third-party documents, websites or emails, there is always the potential risk that these might contain hidden malicious code. With the Bromium Secure Platform micro-virtualisation solution, local Windows applications used to open the third-party data, such as a PDF reader, are started up in a micro-VM. This sets up a working environment which the application cannot break out of. Should there be an infection, this solution prevents it from encroaching into the whole Windows system. Once the application is closed, the micro-VM is deleted – along with any potential malicious code.

For the SINA software version 3.3.9 with a projected release date of mid-October, secunet and Bromium have teamed up to enable the technical support of the Bromium Secure Platform on the SINA Workstation S. This adds internal protection for Windows applications to the tried-and-tested external protection provided by the SINA environment.

SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) is a high-security solution that secunet has developed on behalf of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI).