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Estonia chooses secunet solution for visa applications and border control

[Essen, Germany, 11 April 2018] secunet supplies biometric middleware to the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the country’s border control authority. The solution is used to manage optical and electronic document checks and process biometric data for visa applications and border control.

Initially, secunet biomiddle will be installed for 500 workstations at checkpoints operated by the Police and Border Guard Board and at embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Procurement was the responsibility of the IT and development centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior (SMIT), which provides IT support for government applications in Estonia.

In embassies, the middleware will be used to process an average of more than 150,000 visa applications per year. It manages the components used to capture the biographical and biometric data required in the application process.

At border control checkpoints, the core functionalities of secunet biomiddle are used to enhance stationary and mobile border control. secunet biomiddle will allow border agents to deal with over 10 million international travellers per year more efficiently using standardised and automated processes.

In both application scenarios, secunet biomiddle coordinates optical and electronic document checks, as well as standard biometric functions for data acquisition, quality assessment and verification. secunet biomiddle allows the flexible integration of processes as well as software and hardware components via standard interfaces.

The new High Level Document Check interface (HLDC2) of secunet biomiddle in accordance with the Technical Guideline TR-03135 of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) further facilitates the border control process. It reduces the complexity of the verification process by separating document checking and standard-compliant logging from the problem-specific processing and visualisation of results. Logging of optical checks and evaluation of the results are thus based on the latest standard.

secunet biomiddle has enhanced eID and biometric applications both nationally and internationally for over 10 years.