Bechtle AG

Bechtle improves its customer service and saves money along the way

Sending invoices electronically saves costs. This was recognised in good time by Bechtle AG - one of Europe's leading IT service and trading companies with 65 IT system houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Bechtle believes that it is very important to build successful relationships with its customers and offer them the best possible customer service, not only in terms of products and services, but even for all business processes, including invoicing.

Bechtle aims for a high degree of automation so that the administrative processes run without excessive effort and as smoothly as possible. This includes an electronic workflow - transparent and error-free as a background process. When sending invoices electronically, there are also legal requirements to observe, which give the customer the right to deduct input tax and to perform an audit trail according to the UStG (German Turnover Tax Act).