secunet medical connect

Trustworthy connected medical technology

Secure gateway solution as enabler for individual digitization projects
Placed close to systems in medical operating environments, secunet medical connect forms the platform for the implementation of individual digitization projects.

For solution providers, infrastructure providers or medical technology manufacturers.

secunet medical connect offers a full package for individual digitisation projects. The solution ensures secure, trustworthy communication and an unhindered flow of information between medical devices and data-driven services. secunet medical connect can work as a security gateway in various forms - depending on the use cases within the IT infrastructure. These, in turn, are all based on one and the same platform approach with a focus on

  • Secure connectivity of systems in accordance with regulatory and best practice requirements through integrated IT security mechanisms
  • Flexibility to integrate systems in the local sphere of medical care into data-driven services and processes

Secure connected medical technology


Easily integrate and administrate medical devices with outdated operating systems into existing digital infrastructure.


Flexible integration of own applications (remote maintenance, device monitoring) thanks to secure runtime environment.

Simplicity of connectivity

Establish protection of medical devices in the digitization process according to valid compliance guidelines.

Together, we will evaluate the integration into your medical network.

Full control of remote access

Standardised remote maintenance

Harmonize heterogeneous remote maintenance landscapes. Standardise and control access from different manufacturers.


Compliance requirements for medical networks (BSI-CS 108 and 054, as well as B3S Hospital).

Cost efficiency

Control remote access of the individual departments and therefore relieve the central IT.

Let us lead the way to a cost-efficient and harmonised remote maintenance landscape.

Secure endpoint for medical data services

Compliant connectivity

Use external data services while respecting high security needs in health facilities.

Security by Design

Highly secure up-to-date system platform available on different hardware classifications.


Set up own applications for different use cases based on the provided security functions.

You can learn all about our application-oriented solution concept in the four domains: Compute. Protect. Connect. Compliant.
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Trustworthy and secure connected medical devices

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