secunet konnektor

Highly secure access to the telematics infrastructure

The e-health connector: Strong security mechanisms for protecting highly sensitive data. The key to secure communication between the different specialist services and for new digital applications.
Optimized for your requirements
Available in two designs: as a single box connector for smaller facilities such as individual practices, pharmacies and other service providers, or as a data center connector for hospitals and large medical facilities. In future also available as a highspeed connector.
  • High performance
    The secunet one-box connector is licensed for 50 card terminals. In order to maintain the performance level guaranteed, we recommend the use of 25 card readers.
  • Investment- & future-proof
    Due to its modular design, the connector can be expanded to include additional applications and uses. We offer a two-year warranty (extendable up to five years).
  • Efficient commissioning
    Using predefined configuration data from the practice or pharmacy, the one-box connector can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Easy to operate
    Thanks to its graphical management interface and the possibility of remote management, the one-box connector is easy to operate - and users also receive support.
Technical data
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard disk SSD: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel® N4200
  • Number of cores (processor): 4 cores
  • Passive cooling without fan
  • Dimensions (length x width x height in mm): approx. 250 x 180 x 70
  • Weight: approx. 900 g
Scope of delivery
  • Modular connector
  • External power supply AC plug-in power supply 220V and power cord
  • Safety information sheet Reception and testing
  • Safety information sheet Installation and commissioning
  • CD/DVD user manual as PDF

  • Optimized for data centers
    The data center connector's 19" rack-mountable enclosure allows it to be installed in a rack.
  • High performance & fail-safe
    The data center connector is scalable according to gematik performance requirements (LE-U4). It is licensed for a total of 100 card terminals. With regard to the performance level, we recommend the use of 50 card readers.
  • Easy to manage
    The central management interface is available in a basic and an advanced version. This allows easy and comfortable administration of the data center connector.
  • Extendable & future-proof
    New specialist applications and versions of the connector software can be easily installed via software update.
Technical data
  • 2 processor units with each
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Hard disk SSD: 16 GB
    • Processor: Intel® N4200
    • Processor cores: 4 cores
  • Passive cooling without fan
  • Dimensions (length x width x height in mm):
    • approx. 480 x 190 x 44
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg
Scope of delivery
  • Modular connector
  • 2 x power cable cold appliance plug
  • Safety information sheet Reception and testing
  • Safety information sheet Installation and commissioning
  • CD/DVD Operating manual as PDF

Over 84.000
secunet konnektor appliances have already been installed.

Strong signature software

The Signature Proxy is a software component (JAVA application) that is connected between the primary system (PVS) and the connector and

  1.   shows users locally the documents to be signed or verified.
  2.   forwards the signature and verification request to the connector and the response to the primary system.

It is operated on the system on which the primary system is also installed. The SignaturProxy complies with gematik and BSI requirements for signature creation and verification (signature guidelines) and is approved by gematik as a component of the connector.


  • Single box connector
  • Data center connector
  • Upgrade specialist modules (PTV)
  • connector eLearning

  • VPN access services
  • eHealth card terminal (various manufacturers)
  • SMC-B (mediation or direct sale)

  • TI consulting (technical/commercial)
  • Installation and commissioning TI components
  • Training and education

Solution and Reseller Partner

Bechtle AG

As Germany's largest IT system house, Bechtle is your partner for future-proof IT architecture with around 75 IT system houses. The Bechtle Competence Center Telematics eHealth is your first point of contact for all topics related to the telematics infrastructure.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Telekom's offerings make it easy for pharmacies, doctors and hospitals to connect to the telematics infrastructure. Approved hardware components, certified VPN connection, specialist modules, and service and support - all from a single source.

IS4IT Kritis GmbH

IS4IT KRITIS GmbH, headquartered in Obrigheim and with a branch office in Oberhaching near Munich, offers information security for critical infrastructures and targets companies and organizations with an increased need for IT protection with its full-service offering.


The NOVENTI Group is Germany's market leader in the healthcare market, Germany's largest pharmacy merchandise management company, and Europe's largest healthcare billing company, with over 20 billion euros in prescription billing volume.

Arvato Systems perdata GmbH

Arvato Systems is the IT partner for digital healthcare. As the operator of the gematik-approved VPN access service and the central TI infrastructure, we and our partners provide holistic services for connecting to the telematics infrastructure.

mzd services GmbH

mzd services is your premium partner for connecting to the telematics infrastructure. From the individual practice to the hospital, we offer you an all-round service.

Development and technology partner

eHealth Experts GmbH

We are eHealthExperts - an agile healthcare and information technology company with great expertise and industry competence in the German healthcare sector.

S.I.E. Solutions GmbH

For and with our partners, we realize precisely tailored embedded products, solutions and services. With a focus on customer intimacy, we promote an appreciative partnership both internally and externally.

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