Cybersecurity Situation

Cybersecurity Situation

Digitization determines the business of modern companies and is or increasingly becomes an essential part of the strategy. To protect your own business and your customers, it is crucial to consider cybersecurity at an early stage in order to protect your corporate assets and your customers.



Analysis area

With our compact analysis, you quickly obtain a comprehensive view of your security level and thus an up-to-date situation picture. The cybersecurity situation picture provides you with a comprehensive view of your security level by analyzing all relevant areas. You receive an individual assessment as a starting point for improving your security level.



Procedure model and project flow

The creation of the cybersecurity situation picture consists of three phases. The project kick-off and project planning form the start of the project.
In this phase, the relevant areas of analysis are specified and, if necessary, individual focal points are defined. In the following phase, interviews and tool-supported, technical analyses are conducted. The third phase concludes the preparation of the situation report. secunet presents the final report to the management and offers the opportunity to discuss identified recommendations for action.


secunet uses a standardized and proven procedure model to create the situation picture, thus ensuring high quality and comparability. The analysis is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of experts. Architects, auditors, lawyers, penetration testers and IT and OT engineers work hand in hand.



The selection of analysis areas is crucial for a comprehensive and high-quality situation picture.

secunet distinguishes itself through a unique combination of assessments, tool-based analyses and penetration tests. Thus, a significantly higher degree of commitment and accuracy is achieved than with analyses commonly available on the market.

In addition to the included penetration tests, further technical analyses can be performed, e.g. crypto situational awareness, network situational awareness including asset discovery and anomaly detection, and password security situational awareness.

Situation Report

Our final report brings together the results of the individual analyses and the assessments.

In each case, the analyses are supplemented with proposed measures for reducing or avoiding the identified weaknesses and risks. secunet presents the final report and provides further scope for discussion and decision-making support.

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