Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Highest security and speed for securing cryptographic procedures

Whether encryption of personal data in customer databases, generation of signatures for certificates, communication via web portals of public authorities and banks - the use of hardware security modules (HSM) lends itself everywhere. The computer on which the cryptography is executed, as well as the required key and intrusion detection switches, are separately protected by special housings and connections. HSMs thus offer security that goes far beyond the possibilities of pure software technology.

The benefits of secunet hardware security modules (HSM)

High performance

With HSM, not only several thousand transactions per second are possible, there is also a high number of keys on only one HSM. All common crypto algorithms are supported.

Numerous fields of application

HSMs can be used flexibly due to their individual adaptation. Cryptographic procedures are used in numerous applications: meeting the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), generating signatures for certificates (Certification Authority), communication via web portals of authorities and banks, generating electronic tickets or for signatures in time stamp services.

High protection

Hardware and software are separately secured by special housings and connections. Access protection at HSM is provided by a multi-eye principle, and HSM components are also certified according to security standards.


HSMs offer powerful and flexible key management with secure backup of keys and configuration data. Failure safety and load distribution (high availability, load sharing and load balancing) as well as scalable performance are provided.

How we can support you in the selection and integration of the right HSM components

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Do you still have questions about hardware security modules (HSM)?

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