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ElsterSecure offers convenient login without password - thanks to secunet protect4use

With the ElsterSecure app, the German electronic tax return ELSTER offers users an even more convenient way to log in to the "My ELSTER" portal. Instead of annoying passwords, tokens or TANs, all that is needed to log in is a smartphone or tablet. This is made possible by the patented authentication technology secunet protect4use, which is also available for other authorities and companies.

The ELSTER login with secunet protect4use combines a high level of security with a convenient user experience. It can be carried out from anywhere. ElsterSecure is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and replaces the ElsterSmart app. Already on the first day, several thousand users used the app and successfully performed multiple logins. In the Apple App Store, the solution climbed into the top 10 in the Finance section immediately after its launch.

secunet protect4use allows ElsterSecure to dispense with the certificate file during the login process. From the user's point of view, the login works like this: When visiting the login page of My ELSTER on the PC, a QR code is displayed after selecting the "ElsterSecure" option. Alternatively, when using ELSTER on a smartphone or tablet with the ElsterSecure app installed, it is also possible to log in directly to ELSTER without scanning the QR code. In this case, a button "Continue with the ElsterSecure App" is displayed on the smartphone or tablet when visiting the login page of "My ELSTER" after selecting the option "ElsterSecure".

The app then asks the user to confirm the key and verify it by fingerprint, facial recognition or device PIN. After successful verification, the app closes automatically in both cases and forwards the user in the browser to the private area of "My ELSTER".

secunet protect4use for companies and other authorities

The online authentication solution secunet protect4use supports a wide range of scenarios that go far beyond logging on to a web service. Examples include the audit-proof authorisation of transactions such as online bank transfers or the electronic submission of digitally signed data or documents. For this purpose, the flexible solution provides a wide range of authentication methods - with or without hardware tokens. secunet protect4use can be effortlessly integrated into all online services and thus offers the ideal basis for digital transformation in public administration, but also in companies such as insurance companies or banks.

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ELSTER is a project of the German tax administrations of all federal states and the federal government for the processing of tax returns and tax registrations via the Internet. The nationwide coordinator of the project and operator of the portal "My ELSTER" is the Bavarian State Tax Office in Munich (BayLfSt). secunet has been contributing to secure online authentication with ELSTER since 1998.

ElsterSecure with secunet protect4use can be tried out here (available in German only):

More information about secunet protect4use (in English language):

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