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Alternative to replacement: secunet offers runtime extension for connectors in the healthcare sector

As a leading provider of connectors for the telematics infrastructure (TI) in doctors' practices, pharmacies and hospitals, secunet is offering a software update for lifetime extension of secunet connectors from August. This will enable an runtime extension until 31 December 2025 for all secunet connectors that contain certificates issued before 1 January 2021 - regardless of whether the connector is set up with ECC or RSA keys. For service providers, nothing changes in the setup or daily routine; they receive the update from their contract partner.

The validity of the certificates on the gSMC-K in the connector expires after five years in accordance with the security specifications in the TI. After that, a new connector must be used that is equipped with a gSMC-K with current key material. The first connectors from secunet for online productive operation were produced at the end of November 2018. As a result, their certificates expire by the end of 2023 and must accordingly be either replaced with new connectors or equipped with new valid certificates as part of the runtime extension before then.

"With the lifetime extension, we are offering users of the secunet connector another fast and simple alternative in addition to the replacement of the hardware, and are giving them time to make a well-considered decision as to which path into TI is best for their requirement profile in the future," says Markus Linnemann, Vice President Division eHealth, secunet.

With the TI gateway and the high-speed connector, secunet is preparing the next evolutionary stage of TI in parallel with today's "TI as a service" offering and can thus seamlessly guarantee the respective favoured TI connection of the service providers at all times.

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