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About soffico GmbH

Orchestra enables data and services to be orchestrated in IIoT architectures and thus enables forward-looking projects to be implemented successfully and sustainably. With Orchestra as a flexible hub for valuable data, all players in an IT/OT landscape communicate with each other - reliably, securely and quickly. Our Orchestra has successfully established itself as an intelligent IIoT tool with excellent references on the national and international market.

soffico is not only the manufacturer of the software, but also supports its customers and partners in all phases of their projects: From consulting, concept development and implementation to operation. In doing so, soffico demonstrably delivers innovation through continuous, customer-oriented, agile further development. Our claim here is that we make our partners and customers the conductors of their data, thus creating the basis for increasing efficiency and accelerating innovation while reducing costs and downtime.

soffico GmbH
Karl-Drais-Str. 4e
86159 Augsburg

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