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Our partner program is primarily aimed at companies that recommend secunet products or our services, use them in their customer projects or develop their own solutions for their customers based on secunet products.

Advantages at a glance

  • Increase in sales for both parties
  • Committed business development
  • Guaranteed sales and service support
  • Qualification through regular training
  • Project registration guarantees protection of your sales activities
  • Demonstration equipment for customer presentations
  • Marketing resources and tools for sales support

- Clear marketing model

- Forwarding of customer inquiries

- Expansion of the product portfolio

- Increasing regional coverage

- Building a technology partnership


- Simple pricing model

- Attractive solutions for the end customer

- We learn from each other

- We support each other


- Access to training and education

- Joint marketing for better market visibility

- Support access to secunet portal

- Maintenance of long term relationships

Examples of secunet's typical partners are

  • Software and hardware manufacturers (OEMs)  
  • Business consultants
  • IT system suppliers
  • System integrators
  • IT distributors
  • IT service providers
  • Training providers
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You have questions or need consulting?

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