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About Myra Security GmbH

The Myra Security-as-a-Service platform offers full protection against a suite of threats. Its DDoS Protection for layers 3, 4 and 7 protects IT infrastructures, web applications, websites and DNS servers fully automatically using proprietary filter mechanisms. For increased web performance, the Myra Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers all static and dynamic elements of clients’ websites with lightning speed. Our Web Application Security suite secures content and applications on websites via a web application firewall, bot management and malware multiscan. All Myra products can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures.

The German technology manufacturer Myra Security offers a certified Security-as-a-Service platform for protecting digital business processes. Its smart technology monitors, analyzes, and filters malicious internet traffic before virtual attacks can do any real harm. The German Government, Banks and Fintechs, the health sector and large corporates rely on Myra real-time protection. Myra is the only provider to meet all 37 criteria for protecting critical infrastructure set by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the most comprehensively certified player in the industry (ISO 27001, C5, PCI-DSS, Trusted Cloud).

Myra Security GmbH
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