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secunet konnektor "eHealth" version approved for Friendly User Test

[Essen, Germany, 15 April 2020] The development of the eHealth connector has passed a new milestone: gematik has approved the use of the secunet konnektor with the "eHealth" software version in the German telematics infrastructure (TI). Initially valid for a small user group, this approval is shortly to be extended to field testing, which will then commence. Field testing is the last step on the way to full approval, which allows rollout for all service providers.

The secunet konnektor has been used by medical service providers such as medical practices to connect to the TI since the end of 2018. In future, medical applications such as the emergency data set, the electronic medication plan and communication between service providers are planned within the framework of the TI. The service providers require the "eHealth" version of the connectors in order to be able to use these applications. The secunet konnektor has already been set up for this version. Following approval, the online upgrade to the eHealth connector can be installed and activated via a licence. This applies to both the secunet konnektor for medical practices (one box connector) and the secunet konnektor for data centres used in hospitals and large pharmacies. The software upgrade will be available as soon as field testing is complete and gematik has granted full approval.

secunet has developed both versions of the secunet konnektor jointly with eHealthExperts. They represent the only self-initiated TI connectors on the market. In developing them, secunet focused not only on complying with technical specifications but also on the demands of customers with respect to usefulness and user-friendliness.