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secunet konnektor for data centres receives approval for telematics infrastructure

[Essen, Germany, 18 March 2020] After the successful rollout of the secunet konnektor for medical practices, the product variant for data centres has now received approval from gematik. This connector is particularly well-suited for connecting hospitals and large pharmacies to the German telematics infrastructure (TI) and is available starting now.

The secunet konnektor for data centres was developed by secunet and eHealthExperts and meets all the requirements for the conditions in data centres:  It has double the performance of the secunet konnektor for medical practices, is provided in a 19" housing (1HE), and is designed for the climate conditions of data centres. It also boasts a convenient management system that makes the operation of multiple connectors in combination easy and efficient. The management system is available in a basic and advanced version so that all the typical needs of data centre operation, from efficient administration to handling outages, can be met in an effective manner.

The two designs of the secunet konnektor represent the only self-initiated TI connectors on the market. In developing them, secunet focused not only on complying with technical specifications but also on the demands of customers with respect to usefulness and user-friendliness.

The secunet konnektor features a modular and scalable architecture that not only meets current requirements such as the implementation of the VSDM (Master Data Management for Insurance) industry application, but is also ready for the next-level eHealth Connector. Upgrading to the eHealth Connector is easy: just install the online update (KSR) and activate using the associated license.  

As with the product variant for medical practices, the secunet konnektor for data centres is provided with a two-year guarantee. The rollout begins immediately.

"With the secunet konnektor, performance, usability, and future viability have always been at the centre. The success of our connector for medical practices, which has already seen more than 45,000 purchases, shows that we have met these requirements. However, in hospitals and large pharmacies with data centres, during operation different needs arise than in medical practices. Therefore, we are now the only provider on the market to supply a connector in a 19" housing specially developed for use in data centres. In combination with the high-performance management system, customers receive a high-quality and reliable product for connecting to the telematics infrastructure", says Axel Deininger, CEO of secunet.