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secunet easygate automates border control – now at a land border for the first time

[Essen, Germany, 27 April 2020] Four secunet easygates now provide for efficient checking of bus passengers at the Hungary/Serbia border crossing in Röszke. This installation, which secunet undertook together with its partner Adaptive Recognition Hungary (ARH), represents the first automated border control systems (eGates) at a bus terminal throughout the Schengen area.

The Röszke border crossing is part of the external Schengen border. The new secunet easygates are used to relieve border control officials: Travellers entitled to freedom of movement use eGates while officials monitor the process and can otherwise concentrate on passengers requiring further checks.

The secunet easygate optically and electronically checks the authenticity of electronic identity documents such as passports and personal IDs. In addition, the system reads the facial image from the chip in the electronic identity document and compares the biometric data with the passenger’s actual appearance, which is captured using a facial imaging camera.

The new eGates in Röszke complement 14 other secunet easygates that the Hungarian authorities have been operating since 2019 at the international airports in Budapest and Debrecen.

In total, more than 350 secunet easygates are now used at international airports, such as in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and Iceland. Travellers have already used these eGates around 100 million times.
secunet easygates are also part of preparations by border control authorities in Europe for the introduction of the European Entry/Exit System (EES), which will change the border control process from 2022 at the external boundaries of the Schengen area. With this system in place, biometric data will be collected directly at the border from all members of third states who wish to travel into the Schengen area. Automating elements of the border control process will help absorb border control officials’ additional workload.

secunet border gears represents a complete border control product portfolio with components that can be implemented both quickly and flexibly. Elements can be individually integrated into existing infrastructures, or brought together to create a dovetailed, modular border control infrastructure that is already EES-ready.

For more information on the European Entry/Exit System (EES), please visit the following website:

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