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IGEL Thin Client software will in future be available as a SINA app

[Essen, 20 June, 2016] IGEL Technology Deutschland GmbH and secunet Security Networks AG have formed a technological partnership. The two companies intend to combine the IGEL Thin Client solution Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) with SINA technology for high-security applications.

The successful IGEL solution is to be launched in the form of a SINA app at the beginning of 2017, in a specially adapted version. SINA users will then be able to benefit from the advanced Thin Client functions of the IGEL software, supported by tried-and-tested SINA security. The new solution is particularly well-suited to mobile or remote work arrangements.

As the application runs within a virtualised guest session, the SINA device approvals – for example those of the SINA workstation up to the 'SECRET' level of confidentiality – are retained in full, with the result that they can still be used for processing, storing, transferring and tracing classified information and other sensitive data and documents.

The advantages of the future SINA app from IGEL include that additional protocols such as VMware Horizon are supported, and that the functional scope of protocols already available in SINA is extended. Improved performance with lower bandwidths is just one example of the resulting benefits.

Over the next few days, IGEL and secunet will introduce a proof of concept to SINA customers as part of an event. This PoC will highlight the additional options created by combining these two technologies.

The SINA Thin Client currently used in SINA devices will also continue to be a SINA component.

In principle, secunet is enabling partner companies to take selected solutions requested by SINA users and make them available in the form of SINA apps. Users also benefit from the shorter development time that this type of collaboration makes possible.

About SINA
SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) is a high-security solution that secunet has developed on behalf of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). SINA is the only IP-based cryptography system with approvals from the BSI up to the 'GEHEIM' (SECRET) level of confidentiality as well as international approvals for EU SECRET and NATO SECRET. Notably, SINA has already been successfully used for many years by authorities and the armed forces.